Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday night, 7:45 p.m.

Dr. Grumpy: "This is Dr. Grumpy, returning a page."

Mr. Skin: "Yeah, you started me on Halitosum last week, and it gave me a rash. And I think it's getting worse."

Dr. Grumpy: "Didn't you talk to Annie about this on Friday? I thought she told you to stop it?"

Mr. Skin: "Yeah, she did, and I didn't take it, just like she said."

Dr. Grumpy: "When was your last dose? Friday morning?"

Mr. Skin: "No, this morning."

Dr. Grumpy:"Whaaa... I thought you said you stopped it on Friday?"

Mr. Skin: "Well, she said not to take it. I assumed she meant just that night. So I took it again Saturday morning, and last night, and this morning."


Ellie said...

I think you should up his dose. To a fatal quantity.

The RPh said...

Just another example of why we have to "dumb-down" our explantions and be very very specific....i.e. unwrap the suppository BEFORE inserting....

McFury CPhT said...

Totally agree with RPh.

Common sense is not so common any more, is it?

Kat's Kats said...

Just the opposite of my having an allergic reaction to a medication and having the orthopod's office's nurse say, "Oh gee, I think you might need to stop that." Given the red streaks running up my arm... duh! This was after he'd told me to just take Benedryl for the itching in my hands and ignore it.

I dunno, wanting to gouge out the skin in your hands always screams out "Warning! Warning! Danger Will Robinson!" to me, but then my pediatrician Dr. Joe Strayhorn taught me to pay close attention to what my body feels like when I'm at normal functioning. That was not normal!!

Li'l Azathoth said...

The only way I could imagine this guy surviving to adulthood is if his mother had a checklist she read to him every morning:

Don't play with matches. Check.
Don't get into cars with strangers. Check.
Don't try to catch footballs with your teeth. Check.

(and so on, for two more hours.)

Anonymous said...

No, really. In my first real job (other than volunteering and signing up for open shifts), the head nurse told me to report to duty at 8AM on Monday, and on Tuesday when I didn't show up, she called. Obviously, not having 'worked' in health care, I honestly didn't realize that people had to worked regular schedules, and had been waiting for her call to tell me when they needed me to work again.

Anonymous said...

darwin. and it sounds like kat may have lymphangitis

RxDawg said...

And that, boys and girls, is why we pharmacists have to be very careful about how we put directions on medication labels.

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