Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Those Whacky Brain Surgeons!

Okay, gang, a pair of news articles about my fun-loving colleagues in neurosurgery.

First, we have a guy who just sort of wandered off while he had a patient on the table!

And second, we have a neurosurgeon who was suspended for something REALLY serious- taking extra croutons from the hospital cafeteria.


Rx Intern said...

I do have a question, Dr. Grumpy:

What would you have done were you Dr. Milhorat's shoes? Would you have gone through with the surgery even if the patient wasn't yours?

I'm not trying to ruffle feathers here, but I'm truly curious as to what you would have done.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

I wouldn't have done it either. But you'll notice I only wrote "a guy who wandered off" since only one surgeon seemed to be at fault.

I agree with you. The article doesn't clearly explain why Milhorat was suspended. But I can't rewrite the article, either.

I don't know any neurosurgeons who would have done anything different from Milhorat.

Unknown said...

I apologize for the necroposting, but
lolz for me with Milhorat @

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