Monday, May 4, 2009

Idiots With Phones

If you can figure out how to work a phone, I'd think you could figure out how to leave a coherent message. But no, that isn't always the case.

I got woken up this lovely Monday at 4:21 am by this useful message on my office voicemail:

"Hi, I'm a patient of yours, and I'm back in the country. Please call me."

That's it. No name, no phone number, no nothing. No shit.


CuteEnglishGuy said...

Personally I hate people who don't leave any message, it bugs me that they had reason to call but couldn't be bothered to tell me what that reason was.

whymrhymer said...


Anonymous said...

reminds me of a 3 AM call I got, from a patient of one of my partners... "Hi, I'm a patient of Dr X. I can't sleep. I'm just calling to ask you to tell Dr X that I won't make tomorrows appointment because I'll be too tired later..."

pharmacy chick said...

We have an answering machine available after we are closed. I get too many messages like this:
Um, hey, I need a refill and I dont have my number. Please call me" number name...nothing. Guess who is going to be pissed when they dont get a phone call back and they dont have a refill waiting.

MDB said...

I had one voice message from an office of "This is Doctor Smith's office and I'm calling a script for doxycycline. Use as directed. *mumble* refills. Thanks" That really tells me who the patient is, the sig, quanity, refills, and which Smith the doctor is, I've got about 15 locally and this could have been from another one outside of the area. And I don't even have a number to call back to clarify.

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