Thursday, May 7, 2009

No Hablo Español

I had a thirty-something lady in today. She only spoke Spanish, but her husband translated for her.

My Spanish is so-so. I'm fairly good at understanding it, but can't speak it back in a timely fashion. So to avoid mistakes I just ask patients to bring translators if possible.

Anyway, at one point Mr. & Mrs. Español began arguing (in Spanish) in front of me. They tried to keep me from realizing it, pretending to just be discussing her condition in monotones.

At the end of the visit I asked her if she had any questions, and her husband translated this for her. She said to me (in Spanish) "Yes, when is my husband going to stop being an asshole?"

Her husband, without missing a beat, looked at me and said "She wants to know if this medication has any side effects".

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Mads said...

Dr. Grumpy you are so funny!! recently stumbled upon your blog through blogexplosion.. I recently graduated from med school here in Manila and currently a medical intern..=)will be checking yout blog regularly


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