Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thank you for sharing

Mary: "Okay, I'll let Dr. Grumpy know you're here, and he'll take you back in just a minute."

Mrs. Knickers: "Do you have a bathroom I can use first?"

Mary: "Sure, it's that door to your left."

Mrs. Knickers: "I need to change my underwear. You wouldn't believe the drive I had here."


bunkywise said...

Wait...who travels through their day carrying an extra pair of underwear? Am I supposed to be doing that?

Packer said...

So in today's way too much information category.... Yes , we have a winner.

Astronaut traveling through Grumpyville on her way to Florida to attend to some unpleasant business, no doubt.

Ms. Donna said...

Can think of a number of reasons she may want to do that. Incontinence (should interest an MD . . .) OR she has/had a nurse of a mother who insisted she be "fresh" for Doctor.

Patti Cadwallader said...

Why did she feel she had to "share" that little tid-bit with Mary. Mary must have a motherly aura about her.

Crazy RxMan said...

Maybe she routinely gets her panties in a twist?

Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home said...

Did Mary tell her to save her underwear, in case a specimen was needed?

Anonymous said...

So THAT was who was following me yesterday. Tell her the next time she doesn't need to keep up.

(not a bad trip at all, but I definitely had a 'if it could happen, it would' kind of trip)

Have a great holiday!


Bobbi said...

Sincerely hoping that it's just that her car's AC was out of commission and she figured she might arrive hot and sticky, so she brought the extra undies.

If she knows she has an incontinence problem and just carries extra undies instead of using a pad or diapers... OMG!

Actually, I had a friend like that. She had occasional bowel incontinence but could always rationalize wearing regular underwear. After she had a couple accidents in my presence, I refused to go anywhere with her unless she wore a diaper.

Thanks for the lovely memory, Dr. Grumpy.

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