Friday, July 12, 2013

Patient quote of the day

From a retired surgeon:

"I had surgery for osteomyelitis as a kid. We didn't have all that fancy antibiotic shit they do now."


PediNP said...

Did they amputate the affected limb? WTH?

Anonymous said...

I love old surgeons. As a poor kid growing up an old surgeon was my only docotor because he would treat me for free.(he dated my grandmother when she was between husbands, she had 5 of them as far as know) He was a smart man (kinda of proved it by never getting married to my grandmother) and the reason I went to med school. I could totoaly see him saying something like "We didn't have all that fancy antibiotic shit they do now"

Packer said...

And if we continue giving out that fancy shit like we do, it is only a matter of time before we won't have it again and I am sure you can see the dif.

Anonymous said...

...and that anesthesia crap- it's just for pussies.

Stacey Gordon said...

See the dif. I get it packer... I get it!

Packer said...

@Stacey, Thank goodness someone is awake today. Is the photo an Australian Shepard ? I have a Border Collie and they are remarkably similar in temperament. My guy is a great dog, docile and calm, affectionate. And I say that even though he is walking me to death.

RehabRN said...


I worked with an internist (now retired) who swore those antibiotics are just not needed. We get that diagnosis ALL the time (I know the ICD-9 code for it by heart...730.10).

I had to fight for a relative to get a second hematology opinion when they obviously had issues due to genetics. The docs just thought there is no way, and that coumadin is just too dangerous.

My other personal favorite was another internist who swore that "Vitamin D is all hocus pocus, anyway."

EBP is just not very common with some physicians these days.

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