Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dog owner tip

Okay, marijuana fans, lets remember this:

Dogs have different uses for socks than you do.

So, if you are hiding your stash in a sock, your dog may have a different idea of what to do with it.

Like this guy's did.


C said...

I read that this afternoon. What a dummy.

I just don't get it. Get a medical card, it's easy. You won't be bothered then. Seriously.

*Note, I do not smoke pot-It dulls my hatred.

EDNurseasauras said...

My boss' dog ate a butt load of her son's stash; he was f*^!ed up for days. Bad dog!

Anonymous said...

"I didn't know it had dope in it. My dog brought it home from somewhere. Honest, officer!"

C said...

That'll teach the son. I though pot was really bad for dogs. r

Diana said...

And that is why I love my dogs. They keep you honest when you don't want to be!

Loki said...

Traitorous dog. Bad dog.

June Clever said...

C - Pot is really bad for dogs. It's funny that I justread this post because we had a Marijuana toxicity at work last night. The dog ate 6 or 7 pot brownies. So, actually, not only was it a marijuana tox but also a chocolate tox, as well. The dogs temp was dangerously low (low 90s) and resp and HR were also very depressed. The dog would ahve died had it not been brought in and started on treatment.

Moral of the story...keep your pot (and your brownies) where the dog can't reach them.

The Mother said...

I have teenagers. It's impossible to hide anything.

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