Saturday, February 5, 2011

Today's criminal tips

Okay, since learning from experience is good, here are today's suggestions for you budding criminals out there:

1. When burglarizing a home, it is NOT a good idea to stop to charge your cell phone. You might accidentally leave it there.

2. If you take up growing marijuana as a hobby, do not call 911 with questions about it.


Anonymous said...

I told you it has been a rough winter on the East Coast. Can't charge your phone for nuttin with the power outages.

Really, got me wondering, Daughter is to start work at Washington Hospital Center in DC , we got her an apt in Silver Spring. Wonder if she will be able to charge phone.

Dang those pesky dispatchers, they are alwasy screwing with sincere 911 callers.

mike said...

Last Saturday, while on patrol, I ran the out-of-state plate on the car ahead of me. The driver quickly turned off into a shopping center parking lot before the STOLEN VEHICLE hit came back. I couldn't find the guy again for the life of me, and after about 10 minutes of searching, was leaving the area when 'guess who' drives right by me??!! I couldn't believe he was heading right back to an area where he had to know the cops were looking for him! I managed to get him stopped and arrested, and he refused to tell me what the hell he was thinking. You can't make this stuff up.

PharmGamerKid said...

someone had called the pharmacy and asked us to look up their profile and see if meth would interact with any of the medications they're taking right now.

Kat's Kats said...

Oh no! That darn Stupidity Virus is making the rounds again! Pity we don't have a vaccine for it yet. ::snicker::

Anonymous said...


1) He does have a right to remain silent.

2) Who said he was thinking?

Hopalong Ginsberg

Anonymous said...

The actual 911 recording is now making the rounds. What can you expect the guy is a stoner.

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