Monday, September 21, 2009

The Nerve!

One of my > 20 year High School reunions is coming up.

So I went to the website last Friday and filled in the updated "Where am I now form" (just in case anything had changed since the 20 year reunion).

Since then I've received 3 emails from former classmates asking questions about their headaches.

I responded with an email that said:

"Ibee Grumpy will be attending the reunion.

Dr. Grumpy can be seen by making an appointment. Call (999) 999-9999."


auffer said...

I got that at my 10 year reunion - As a freshly licensed pharmacist EVERYONE was suddenly an expert in medication and wanted to fight to the death over what the best anti-pyretic OTC is.

Fight the good fight Grump!

Kim Kasch said...

Ahhhhhhhhh. . . the gumption of some

or maybe that should be ARRRGGGGHHH!

Mickey said...

Good answer.

moppie said...

Awkward. I would definitely not want to see a doctor who used to be a former's just weird...even if it's 20 years later.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

It's over 20 years. I actually have seen a few old classmates, not to mention teachers and a Principal. After this much time it's really not an issue.

Anonymous said...


People actually want to relive that horror?

Best day of my life was graduating high school, going to university and never looking back.

Good luck on not having your reunion evening turn into where all the class junkies ask for refills for Somas, Dans, and Naxs.

My friend (internist) went to his 25th reunion, and he spent the evening dodging the class neurotics and substance abusers. Everyone wanted free advices and scripts. WTF?

He paided $200 for that evening's fun and frolics.

How much are you getting hosed for the tickets?

Ample fodder for the blog, though. Too bad you couldn't write off the tickets as a business expense.

Have a good, uneventful time.

LD50 Rat.

PS is Mrs. Going?

Grumpy, M.D. said...

I went to the 20th. I was reluctant to go then, but Mrs. Grumpy pushed me into it. I was actually glad I did. I didn't have any of the nightmarish experiences you describe, and enjoyed talking to some of the people.

In fact, the only thing that went wrong was when Mrs. Grumpy asked a former classmate when she was due. She wasn't.

The Good Cook said...

ouch. I have learned (don't ask) to never ask a woman that question unless she has the ultrasound pasted to her forehead.

Amanda said...

Yipes! Sheesh, I'm scary-anal about never even referring to my GP's career when she and I run into each other at school and the kids' activities, which happens on occasion because our sons are near the same ages.

I can't imagine having the nerve to holler at a doctor "hey, free medical advice -- nifty!" or a variation thereof.

vanity press said...

I attended six different high schools in three states.

I attended five different colleges in two states. I never attended any of my reunions. After moving many times and having nothing to do with them after I graduated, the new president of the college that finally granted me a Batchelors degree sent me a letter about forty years after I graduated. I wrote her a letter congratulating her on her skip tracing skills and telling her that I was contacting the President and suggesting he nominate her the next time there was an opening for a new director of the FBI or for Homeland Security.

I got no further invitations to attend reunions or join alumni organizations.

MJH, CPhT said...

Ouch. Yes, rule #1 is to never ask unless you already know. One of my co-workers gets congratulated and asked regularly when she's due... She's not. One male customer actually poked her belly and asked her if she was sure she wasn't prego. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Poor Mrs. Grumpy.

Two worse questions to ask a woman over 30.

When are you due? (Couldn't have kids, never lost the baby fat, or just fat)

Your grand child/children is/ are just darling!


Talk about uncomfortable moments.
Of, I did have a classmate who had 4 grand kids by 43.

LD50 Rat

PS word vert is "ingstat", sounds like a new ED drug..

Doctor D said...

Yeah, I hate the awkward moment when you have to explain to friends that you can't give them medical care.

I always say, "Well to really give you medical advice I have to examine you. For me to do a full exam you would need to be naked. Are you sure you really want advice that bad?"

I have yet to have any of my friends need free advice that badly.

Lilorfnannie said...

@ Doctor D- I want to hear stories on the ones that take you up on it ;-) J/K!

danielle said...

What a great answer!
The only other thing you can do - is ask them for free services in return - you know, tell them to give out free advice is against your oath - but if they cannot afford medical services maybe you can barter for a free tune up for your car or something!

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Danielle- given the quality of my HS classmates, the most they might be able to do is sneak in some free fries with my Big Mac, provided their manager isn't looking.

Nancy said...

You could go as a schizophrenic - tell them that Dr. Grumpy is a persona you put on at work and take off when you leave.

Hey, vanity press, I would have loved to receive a letter like the one you wrote because it meant that I did good. When I was in college, I took a summer job at the Development office, i.e. the begging-for-money office. It was my job to track down the current addresses of alumni who were 'missing'. As this was the late 80's, just prior to the world wide web explosion, it was a slogging through the phonebooks and calling classmates effort.

Tonya said...

Try being a psychologist. Everywhere I go (planes, dates, reunions, etc.) when people find out I'm a psychologist they think that's license for them to put it all out there as if I want to give an impromptu therapy session. So for you docs (MDs) out there, I know how you feel. Really.

Dr. Tonya :)

Joanie M said...

I'm a waitress and every once in a while my Gyn comes in for lunch. The only thing I say to him is Hi Dr N! OH, I need to call you. Thanks for the reminder! So what would you like to drink today?

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