Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Drug Rep Sunshine

Ms. Sunshine: "Doctor, Fukitol is the most prescribed drug in it's class."

Me: "Fukitol is the ONLY drug in it's class!"

Ms. Sunshine: "Um, yeah."


Ed Adams said...

She sounds HOT!

LilMsHppyPillz said...

Sounds like when Tylenol was saying that they were the most commonly used pain reliever in hospitals. It was because they gave it to the hospitals for free!

webhill said...

Ha ha. Along the lines of Fukitol, check this out:

I got it from my friend @AmandaBrownDVM who got it from her drug rep :)

kristen77 said...

I thought bitchitol was in the
same class as fuckitol?

Grumpy, M.D. said...

It's still being reviewed by the FDA, along with Screwitol, PMSitol, and Ihatediscrap.

Van said...

Ahhh, so Ms. Sunshine was (technically)
correct! At least she was telling you the truth.

Lilorfnannie said...

I'd like to have some Fukitol. I have to make do with beer. ;-)

kath8562 said...

You do know Fuckitol (r) has its own (spoof) website, don't you? (grin)

Mary-Helen said...

Damn but you weren't supposed to know that! You're a physician and physicians aren't supposed to know anything about a drug that the drug reps don't tell you!

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