Friday, December 1, 2017

The Christmas Gift Guide, 2017!

As the Earth's orbit once again brings December around, it's time for


Dr. Grumpy's Gift Guide!

So, without further comment, here we go!

What can you get your favorite alcoholic who thinks the germ theory is a passing fad?

How about this combination beer and wine holder toilet paper dispenser?

Now they don't have to awkwardly leave their liver toxin of choice at the dining table or on the bathroom counter. It can be immediately handy while using the facilities, letting them take a nip (or more) between wipes and helping to spread some horrible diarrheal illness amongst family and friends.

After all, the holiday are all about sharing.


Anonymous said...

I think the can of Miller Lite is what distresses me the most about this... no it's the whole thing... no it's the miller...see I just don't know what's more horrifying...

Anonymous said...

I think the major concern should be that the toilet paper roll goes under instead of over.

was1 said...

what bothers me most about this is that somebody installed the toilet paper roll upside down.

Anonymous said...

"Hold my beer."

Anonymous said...

So now you can really do a side-by-side comparison of Miller Lite and piss water.

Anonymous said...

Great! Now when I get drunk, I can puke into the toilet without having to worry about spilling my drink!

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