Wednesday, November 29, 2017

My readers write

Clover, M.D. writes in:

I had this interaction with a patient recently:

Me: "How's your pain been?"

Her: "Better, I'm controlling it with those amphetamines I buy at the store."

Me: "Um, you're buying amphetamines at the store?"

Her: "Yeah, the store-brand Tylenol stuff."

Me: "You mean acetaminophen."

Her: "Whatever."

Thank you, Clover!


Anonymous said...


gloriap said...

If it stops working she can always try hash. It comes in a can and is made by Dinty Moore, I believe.

Bil Keane said...

Damn, if I were alive I could have made the greatest Jeffy comic ever out of this. Being dead really sucks sometimes.

Anonymous said...

"You mean I just went into an alley and paid a guy $200 for an eight-ball of Tylenol? Damn, I really need to read the label more carefully next time."

Anonymous said...

Hehe. Hormel and Mary Kitchen make hash, too. Not Mary Jane Kitchen. Just Mary Kitchen.

I used to work occasionally as a traveling pharmacist and my jobs might take me 200 or 300 miles from home, so I'd use MapQuest the night before, get all the combinations to safes and computers, and leave really early in the morning of the shift. By the time I got to work, opened the shop, and checked in, missed morning tea, restroom breaks, lunch and it was 2:30 PM with people lining up the wazoo yelling for their scripts, I felt a little underwhelmed.

For the occasional phone consult, if someone mispronounced a word like that, I might find it hard to avoid an unprofessional giggle. Sometimes, I might even have to put the phone on mute, to avoid any interruption in attempting to understand the patient. But, I have managed to call an ambulance and the patient's neighbors (in a town that I had no idea where anything was located) despite the initial giggle-fit, if the patient seemed to be having something other than a mispronunciation issue.

Once a person starts the giggles, it's hard to stop without a short break, like to use the restroom, or something.

Anonymous said...

Almost the same letters in almost the same order - so wtf?
I like your blog! Greetings from good old Germany!

stacey said...

Gee those worked quickly...

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