Friday, November 17, 2017

Lost and found

Annie: "Dr. Grumpy's office, this is Annie."

Mrs. Lenz: "Yeah, I think I left my sunglasses there last week. Did you find them?"

Annie: "No, we haven't seen any."

Mrs. Lenz: "I think I left them in the bathroom there."

Annie: "The bathroom in our office?"

Mrs. Lenz: "No, the one in the first floor lobby, across from the elevators and water fountain."

Annie: "Oh, that's not part of our suite. I have no idea."

Mrs. Lenz: "Can you connect me to the phone in there, so I can ask someone?"

Annie: "There isn't a phone in the bathroom."

Mrs. Lenz: "Then how am I supposed to get my glasses back?"

Annie: "Let me give you the number for the building management company."

Mrs. Lenz: "That seems excessive. I don't know why you can't just call whoever is using the bathroom right now and see if they have my sunglasses."

Annie: "There isn't a phone in there. And if you left them last week it's pretty unlikely they're still there. They clean them twice a day."

Mrs. Lenz: "You aren't being very helpful."


Anonymous said...

I am shocked that Annie didn't drop everything and run all over the building looking for Mrs. Lenz's sunglasses! Where is the customer service? (sarcasm font = on)

bobbie said...

Poor Annie ~ I hope she didn't give herself a concussion from banging her head on the desk!!

tbunni said...

And why doesn't the restroom have its own phone? How can you expect a person to use an area that is not completely connected to every other human on the planet?
I just wish she'd told Mrs. Lenz that she hadn't left the sunglasses there because Annie had checked the video footage of her "visit". See what her reaction was then.

Tarquin "R.J." Toffeebridge V said...

"Wait- if there's no phone in the bathroom, then what was I talking on and who was I talking to?"

Mage said...


Anonymous said...

From personal experience, when I used to take my kid over to the university for advanced kid classes, the second floor restroom window ledge --down the hall from the auditions room was often inhabited by someone's misplaced cell phone, and I was pretty adept at trying to figure out to whom it might belong by opening it up and calling someone the person had called. ("Hello. I found this cell phone here in the bathroom here at the university and I want to return it to the person it probably belongs to. Can you give that person a call, please, and tell them I'm leaving it with the building security? Or, since I'll be here for a while, have them call me back on this phone and tell me where to leave it, please.")

Now, I have one of those devices and am terrified to lose it because 1. I don't lock it--don't know how to lock it, and wouldn't remember the password to unlock it if that's what it requires, and 2. one of my employers seemed rather free to suggest that I email them back and forth about work-related issues, and I don't want the responsibility of hefty HIPAA fines just because I'm a fuddy-duddy about technology. (Don't worry, I don't use it for email OR text messages, nor do I leave voice-mails.)

But, yeah. Unless the Ms Lenz required the sunglasses to see to drive, she's got a nerve to impose on Annie's goodwill to even put up with the dingbattedness.

Charis Croft said...

I see this a lot. People seem to think that 'helpful' means 'do exactly what I want, including bending reality to my assumptions'. I think Annie was very helpful, including providing the building management phone number and telling her about the cleaning schedule!

Packer said...

Verbal Ju Jitsu a skill learned by fewer and fewer in this era of contrarianism

Mary: Call me back in five minutes , I will run down and check
Marry Sitting at her work station for the next five minutes without moving
Mary: On receipt of the call Feigning slightly out of breath, Sorry Mrs. Lenz they weren't there

End of story.

Migraineur said...

I've done similar, but I chose the contact labeled Mom first, then Dad. If neither of those are listed, home or anyone labeled ICE (In Case of Emergency)

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