Thursday, August 17, 2017

My readers write

A 2nd year internal medicine resident sent this in:

I was doing night admissions, and one was an elderly lady who'd come in for a hip fracture. The ER doctor told me the ortho surgery resident had already seen her, but there was nothing in the chart to tell me what the plans were.
So I called the ortho resident to touch base.

Dr. Dudebro: "Ortho, returning a page."

Me: "Hey, I'm the medicine resident admitting Mrs. Hip. You evaluated her in ER a few minutes ago?"

Dr. Dudebro: "Oh yeah, with a broken hip! What's up?"

Me: "What's the plan for her?"

Dr. Dudebro: "Uh...she needs surgery."

Me: "Right, but what's your plan? When are you planning to take her?"

Dr. Dudebro: "Uh...I don't know. She needs surgery."

Me: "Okay, but she's on Coumadin and is therapeutic. Are you taking her to OR tonight, and I need to reverse her ASAP? Or is this less urgent, and I can just give her vitamin K and manage her pain until you're ready for her?"

Dr. Dudebro: "Uh...she needs surgery."

Me: "Never mind. I'll figure it out."

- Thank you, R!

And for those of you who remember:


Anonymous said...

"Bone broke. Me fix."

Anonymous said...

Heart...pumps Kefzol to bone...

Marjie said...


Anonymous said...


ndenunz said...

Where do you hide a dollar bill from an Orthopod??

In the chart!

stacey said...

Where do you hide a dollar bill from the radiologist?
On the patient.

Where do you hide a dollar bill from a Neurosurgeon?
On their kids

Where do you hide a dollar bill from a cardiologist?
You can't.

Lizard said...

there is a broken bone. I need to fix it.

I am dying here. I mean, laughing a lot, not actually asystolic.

Anonymous said...

The ortho vs. anesthesia video is hilarious. I need to laugh. I need to laugh. The laughter belongs to me and there are several comorbidities but asystole is not one of them. Yet. There may be some loss of chortles and guffaws. Hospital turf wars? If she bangs her head against a brick wall, would neurosurgery fix it?

ndenunz said...

Where do you hide a dollar bill from an Internist?

Under the surgical bandage?

Jen in Cincinnati said...

I was going to link to that same video!! good stuff!!

Tarquin "R.J." Toffeebridge V said...

"Look, the whole point of improv surgery is that it's spontaneous and you never know where you're going until you're there. You have to learn to let go of your judging and just say 'Yes and...'"

Mary Xray CT Professor said...

Before I scrolled down to the cartoon (which I show my radiography students annually) it popped into my head "There is a fracture, I need to fix it." I love this cartoon.

Anonymous said...

Probably the ortho resident is an intern who is so overwhelmed that signing their name is an achievement.

Anonymous said...

i'm an orthopod. i swear we are not all this bad. dudebro was probably an intern and had no clue what was happening.

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