Monday, August 28, 2017


Annie: "Dr. Grumpy's office, this is Annie."

Mr. Clueless: "Hi, this is Sid Clueless. I saw the doctor last month, and he ordered a bunch of tests. I had them all done several weeks ago, but nobody has called me with the results."

Annie: "I'm sorry about that, sir, let me check your chart."

Mr. Clueless: "It's ridiculous that you didn't try to reach me. I've been waiting all this time, and my wife and I are both really worried."

Annie: "I understand... Sir, I'm not finding you anywhere in our system. When did you see Dr. Grumpy?"

Mr. Clueless: "On July 27, 2017."

Annie: "You're not on the schedule for that day. Maybe you saw a different doctor?"

Mr. Clueless: "No, I definitely saw Dr. Grumpy. I know your building. It's the one with an elevator."

Annie: "Sir, that describes pretty much every medical building out there."

Mr. Clueless: "It's the one on Central and 74th Street, by the Sam Gross Cartoon Museum."

Annie: "We're all the way across town from there."

Mr. Clueless: "Oh... Maybe I didn't see Dr. Grumpy then. Can you still give me my results?"

Annie: "We don't have access to other doctor's charts."

Mr. Clueless: "I thought they were all in the computers you guys use."

Annie: "No, it doesn't work like that, sir."

Mr. Clueless: "Can you at least tell me which doctor I saw?"

Annie: "We don't know that, either."

Mr. Clueless: "Crap. Now I have to wait until my wife gets back from the store."


Anonymous said...

"Or maybe I can just ask a random woman out on the street."

clairesmum said...

gee...what do you suppose his presenting problem was?

Ms. Donna said...

Well, there are a few neuro symptoms there. I feel the pain. However, God or WhoWhat Ever is merciful or mischievous enough to ensure Mr. C won't be too embarrassed.

Packer said...

No , Annie you are so freaking wrong, that is definitely one of Grumpy's patients not a doubt in the world.

I think the test will confirm exactly what it is that they were testing for. Sadly, I saw my neighbor walking down the street hand in hand with his wife on Sunday morning, he is 60 a nice man , and he is exhibiting early signs of Alzheimer's the poignancy of the sight nearly brought me to tears.

Tehachap said...

Oh my ... give poor Annie a bonus in her next paycheck. LOL Can't make up stuff like this ... it's life at its grandest.

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