Saturday, January 29, 2011

More great research

A recently published paper found this:

A guy is more likely to forgive his wife if she cheats on him with another woman, than if she does it with another man.

Here's the link.

And a grant was used to pay for this research. Because, I can only assume, we've now cured HIV, all forms of cancer, genetic disease, neurological illness, and all other types of human suffering. So now we can spend money on this stuff.

Thank you, Earl!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Honey, can I watch?

Anonymous said...

Especially if they let him watch.

andrea said...

Stupid study made the front page of our paper today - I couldn't believe it! I've missed catching up on blogs lately - so glad to have a minute to find your common sense! Thanks.

cg said...

This is so fitting for Utah. Maybe this is what polygamy is really all about...

Anonymous said...

The researchers forgot to add:

And a large percentage of those men willing to forgive are even more forgiving if their wives let them in on the action.


James said...

The questions is, how much first hand experience does the author have in this topic?

Moose said...

Your comments remind me of the female standup who used to say that those men slobbering over the idea of watching two "real lesbians" would probably be terrified by the real thing.

They think it's all two glamorous babes with done up hair and makeup, all moaning and sweat free, just like in the 'lesbian' scenes in their favorite pornos.

Real life is Marge & Madge gettin' done with a day in the long-haul truck. Neither wears makeup, their hair is cut utility short, and Madge has that sweating problem.

Anonymous said...

keep going, moose.

Anonymous said...

The author looks pretty hot. Would she like to join my wife and I to further research this subject?

bogart said...

Agree with the basic mockery of the project, but can find no evidence anywhere that this research received grant support.

Anonymous said...

In the words of the famous commentator:
"You couldn't make this stuff up...."
but you can get a grant for it!

kristophine said...

I'm having a flashback to freshman Psych and the Golden Fleece Award. You should Google that shit if you're not familiar with it.

Anyway, this is my field (right down to the lesbians), although not my research. A couple of points:

1. This kind of research is dirt-cheap. I did a similar study for the cost of the paper it took to get informed consent. And the labor, of course, is students--free. And it's not like we give the participants anything.

2. There's the "Knew it All Along" bias, which is bad in every field but exceptionally bad in social psychology. No matter what your findings are, people say, "I already knew that." With perfect confidence. Even if you present Group A with one set of findings and Group B with diametrically opposed findings. (It's been tested!) So, your perception of how much you knew this to begin with... probably not the best source.

3. The plural of "anecdote" is not "data"--you've heard that one before, right? And anecdotal experience is definitely not the best thing to cite when moving forward with a study about homophobia or sexism. Half my audience (of middle-aged white dudes with doctorates) doesn't believe sexism still exists anyway, because they've never seen someone get patted on the ass and called "sweetie" at work. There's a different standard for demonstrating something in a scientific context than in a social context.

4. The take-home message of this study is that men don't believe that sex between two women is "real" sex. It's not threatening because women don't have sexual agency--women can't possible enjoy sex, or form meaningful romantic and sexual attachments with each other. If they do have sex, it's probably because they wish a man was there. It's really all for the men, in the end. Women aren't people. They're blow-up dolls.

And that's sexist, homophobic bullcrap worth studying.

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