Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011 - Happy Holiday!

Humans are a remarkably disparate groups of cultures, ethnicities, and religions. But there are some things we all share and cherish.

Today is one of those international holidays that helps unite us across the globe. A day when we all give thanks for those things that make a difference in our lives, in spite of our varying beliefs.

Yes folks, today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

I am not making this up.

Heaven knows that if we didn't have bubble wrap we'd still be packing stuff with abrasive paper, dirty socks, and seashells, and therefore opening packages full of scratched, smelly, computers, toys, and dishes.

To re-tell the ancient story that we traditionally teach our children on this day:

In 1957 two New Jersey engineers (Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding) were trying to make plastic wallpaper by gluing 2 shower curtains together, forming bubbles between the layers (it didn't sell).

In a flash, however, it was revealed unto them that their creation could be used as a cushioning and packaging material. And the rest is history.

So today, take a moment and give thanks for the marvel that has so enriched our packing and shipping lives, and given us (and our children) endless pleasure (not to mention stress reduction) in popping the little bubbles.

And we all say, Amen.


Julie said...

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day?!?

The world has definitely gone mad!

Sandra said...

Don't forget cats. I know you have dogs but bubble wrap is one of the most entertaining cat toys there is. Especially if the cat is afraid of it. :-)

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Sandra- this was Snowball vs. Bubble Wrap.

Anonymous said...

Every year I get my children some kind of 'gag gift' for Christmas. A couple years ago it was a box of rocks, a tin with rocks in it. Last year was captured air. It was a 10ft roll of bubble wrap. :)

Hooray bubble wrap!

Headstrong said...

The annual celebration at the Headstrong Household is currently in full swing: Mr. H threw a sheet of bubble wrap to the cat while we ate breakfast. Louie awoke from dead slumber complete with wet snoring (impressive, as it was 4 am, and as he is a grisly and arthritic old Maine Coon), and began his pouncing assault. Like most annoying feline games, this gory and loud event is an all day affair. Somewhere in the next room I can still here the crinkling and occasional popping of an abused bubble sheet... Poppy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, Dr. Grumpy!

Jon said...

This is wonderful! I'm picking some up on the way home tonight. We have 12 cats (no, we have not been on Animal Cops, yet)! I hope the wife still talks to me tomorrow.

Unknown said...


And yes, I've been known to pop it on the ward, with one of my residents and one of the nurses, and then having the nurse hold on to it for dear life, while we ran off to do something.

Not House said...

Truly, a uniting day for all.

Except cats.

Anonymous said...

Another cultural milestone issued out of New Jersey. Jersey Shore, Jersey Boys, Jerseylicious, Real Housewives of New Jersey and yes
Bubble Wrap. Jerseyana is on the march.

Melina said...

Great bubble wrap story.
In high school we had a teacher who freaked out when she heard us popping our fingers. So, one of my friends had some bubble wrap and decided to play a prank. She grabbed the bubble wrap with both hands behind her back and as she leaned back (to crack her lower back) she gave the bubbles a nice twist. She popped a good number of bubbles, and almost caused the teacher to have a heart attack.

... Well, we had fun... the teacher not so much.

Anonymous said...

And for those who don't have any of the real thing:

Mingle said...

The iPhone/iTouch used to have a really fun bubble wrap game where you pop as many bubbles as you can. I wish they would bring it back so I can pop electronic bubbles AND the bubble wrap I got from my package last week.

Just a little snarky said...

We don't use bubble wrap at work for packaging. We actually have a machine that takes brown paper, 48 inches wide, and mushes it down to 4 inches wide, then cuts it into 12 inch long (or adjustable) sections for packing. And it breaks down as it blows down the street (where lots of packaging ends up).

lovinmyjob said...

This gives me the great idea of wall-papering with bubble wrap! Especially in the pharmacy. It will give me even more of that funny-pharm feeling I get every day and it won't hurts so bad when I beat my head against the wall! Thanks Dr Grumpy!

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