Monday, January 31, 2011


Occasionally Mary puts a personal reminder for herself on the office schedule. I don't mind this at all. Usually it's something like "Order cake for party" or "Take kids to dentist".

BUT one of her friends is having a baby today.

So when I looked at my schedule this morning it featured this:

9:00- Suzy Migraine- Med check.
9:15- Phil Whiner- EMG.
9:30- Lisa Gravid - C-section at hospital.


BinkRN said...

LOL! Did you nearly drop your diet Coke? There are few things that make a non-OB provider sweat more than the thought of having to act in that capacity. Hope her friend has a healthy baby today!

Grumpy, M.D. said...

As long as I'm not delivering it, I'm sure both will do fine.

Anonymous said...

Come on you can do it! It'll be like old times interning. It'll be like re-learning to ride a bike, actually the whole re-learning to ride a bike clique isn't true. But still it'll be like re-learning to ride a bike.

Not House said...


But do you really want any falls to happen?

kate sweeten said...

Come on, though, a doctor is a doctor, right? You guys know how to do it all.

Or, at least, that's what our patients like to think when they do things like call in to see if their Rheumatologist can fit them in for a PAP smear.

terri c said...

Nice scare for a Monday AM all right. Hope all's well with Mom and baby. Glad you're giving Mr. Whiner an EMG. He'll enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

1) I'm so glad that C-section is scheduled for a hospital instead of, say, a K-mart or Sonic drive-thru.
2) With my first son, I was teaching college so I actually had to give the final exam FIRST, and THEN go to the hospital later that afternoon to have the C-section, to ensure everyone's grades got reported correctly. (And that is why I was very, very hard to BS when it came to overdue homework. Couldn't make the deadline? Really? Let's talk about time management, shall we?

Lucky Jack said...

Hi Dr. Grumpy,
Just discovered your blog, and I think it rocks. I'm trying to go to med school, and it's great to see a doc taking every day with a dose of wry wit. I'm sure that is an important part of getting through the tough days.

Eunoia said...

But without a C-section, 9:30 would be pushing it ;-)

Animal said...

Darn, I thought you were going to say you saw 'take kids to the dentist' on your schedule and you actually took your kids to the dentist, only to get weird looks from your dentist receptionist. And then the receptionist is probably blogging about you now. But oh well.

webhill said...

my receptionist once put "uterine prolapse" as the reason for my first appointment of the day. Apparently my reaction was HILARIOUS. I am still not over it.

Anonymous said...

Ha. Long ago I was a practicing veterinarian. My first C-section was on a lady dog and was at about 2 a.m. on a sunday morning. The owner was a theatre nurse at the local (human) hospital. As I was closing, she remarked "You're really good. How many of these have you done?"
"Counting this one? One." I replied.
She also remarked that I was much better at hemostasis than any of the surgeons she worked with!
That praise (and similar) notwithstanding, I got the hell out of veterinary practice as soon as I could, because I couldn't stand the crazy clients.

ER's Mom said...

Come on, you know us OBs are the dumbest docs of all...a C-sectino should be easy-peasy for you smart medicine-y types.


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