Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday afternoon

Dr. Grumpy: "Are you a smoker, sir?"

Mr. Camel: "No, not at all. I'm trying to quit."


Anonymous said...

Dr: "Do you smoke, sir?"

Pt: "No"

Dr: "Have you smoked before, sir?"

Pt: "Yes"

Dr: "When did you quit, sir?"

Pt: "Today"

Anonymous said...

Dr: "Do you have high blood pressure, sir?"

Pt: "No, not at all."

(a little later)

Dr: "Which medications do you use, sir?"

Pt: (lists many antihypertensives)

Dr: "I thought you said you didn't have high blood pressure?"

Pt: "I don't: not when I use the medication."

Anonymous said...

So, did he think you were asking if he was going pro?

The Mother said...

Positive psychology.

(If you haven't seen this, it's worth a peek:

Anonymous said...

I guess it's good that his mindset has changed to classify himself as a non-smoker!

Anonymous said...

Ah, a member of the generation that thinks the word "Yes" equals the word "No." And vice versa.

Moose said...

Dontcha love it when people answer the question they think they heard?

Mark In Mayenne said...

The Mother's link is well worth a look. gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, the reason why "No you smoke?" is always followed by "Have you ever smoked?" when their answer is no.

Anonymous said...

Guy on CCU...

"Have you ever had any heart trouble?"


"Any chest pain?"

"No, nothing, I'm really healthy"

(myself, as a second year med student at this point a bit confused as to what he's doing on CCU)

"Do you take any medication?"

"No, nothing, oh, except for the and that spray, what's it called, for my angina."

My first example of the classic Glaswegian denial.

Apinya Wong said...

I had a pt picking up a prescription in the drive-thru pharmacy with a cigarette in her hand. She was picking up Chantix continuing pack......(yes, the prescription is for her)

Anonymous said...

Diagnosis: self-denial mindset
Prescription: A cigarette!

Or perhaps try the *perfect fibber* test:
If I asked your wife whether you smoke, would she answer yes or no?

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