Saturday, October 30, 2010


Robbing a bank takes a lot of things. This apparently includes pants with button-able pockets.

Because you REALLY don't want to accidentally have your wallet fall out while making your getaway.

It's embarrassing.

Thank you to my reader Lee for submitting this.


Unknown said...

I haven't worked any cases like this robbery, but I have investigated more than one hit-and-run accident where the culprit's license plate fell off at the scene, or as in one case, where the culprit rear-ended the victim so hard it left a reverse image of the guy's plate number in the victim's rear bumper. When I got to his house, he came out to greet me before I could even get out of my squad car, asking if we could conduct business out of his wife's hearing. I obliged him with a fistful of tickets, written out of his wife's line of sight.

Li'l Azathoth said...

"But last time I pulled a job wearing pants with button-able pockets, I couldn't get my gun out in time, and everyone was just staring while I struggled to get those buttons undone. Now THAT was embarrassing."

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