Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mary's Desk

Last week

Mary: "Dr. Grumpy's office, this is Mary."

Mrs. Freek: "Yeah, this is Ima Freek, I need to make a follow-up appointment with you. I saw Dr. Grumpy 8 years ago, and need to come back."

Mary: "Okay, hang on... You're not in our system. Are you sure you were here?"

Mrs. Freek: "Of course. I remember your lobby, with all the golf posters, and the golf clubs on the walls."

Mary: "Oh, that's not us. That's Dr. Darth down the street. Let me give you his number."

Mrs. Freek: "No, that's okay, I'm fine seeing a different doc. Can I come in next week?"

Mary: "Sure. Tuesday at 3:00. See you then."

This week

Mrs. Freek: "Hi, I'm here for my appointment. What happened to your lobby?"

Mary: "Nothing. It's been this way for years."

Mrs. Freek: "What did you guys do with all the golf stuff?"

Mary: "We never had that. I told you, that's Dr. Darth down the street."

Mrs. Freek: "Wait a minute... You mean the golf-club doctor isn't here?"

Mary: "No. I told you that on the phone. You said you wanted to come in, anyway."

Mrs. Freek: "I can't believe you misrepresent yourself as part of another office!"

Mary: "Ma'am, I explained that..."

Mrs. Freek: "I'm leaving! This is criminal!"

(storms out, comes back a minute later)

Mrs. Freek: "Hey, I left my cell phone at home. Can you call Dr. Darth to see if he has an opening this afternoon?"


OMDG said...

Dr. Darth's real name isn't Dr. Vadar, is it?

The Mother said...

Why is it that the ones who really need your help keep storming out of the office?

Julie said...

i'm hoping dr darth is a psych ...

Mop said...

You have a lot of patients storming out of your office it seems

thegooddrlaura said...

what an a$$hole.

KateA said...

Stupidity is a disease that should have a cure...beyond a Darwin award.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

What did you do with the golf stuff?

Anna :o]

Ben S said...

Sounds like she's in need of your services after all.

McDuckga said...

Kate - you know the rule --

You can't fix stupid, and you can't vaccinate against it.

Anonymous said...

Smith & Wesson makes a vaccinator for this malady. It has to be self-administered.

Mr. Deaf Carpenter said...

Smith & Wesson vaccination method is a tad extreme and adults can only do it. My vaccination of choice would be a chemical sterilization to keep the gene pool as clean as possible for future generations.

The Evil Receptionist said...

*headdesk* How do these people find you?

Kat's Kats said...

Yo! You! Outta the gene pool!!

buggiers - anyone who bothers Mary

Anonymous said...

"No we can't place a call for you. You're not our patient."

Arzt4Empfaenger said...

I'd say this wasn't a loss for you! Or Mary.

Chris said...

I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed with how up-to-speed Mary is on the office decor of the other doctors in town.

Not that golf decor in a doctor's office would be tough to guess.

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