Saturday, October 9, 2010

Attention mean commentors!

Now here's a lady who takes her blog seriously. Briana Greathouse.

She was so upset over internet postings that she went on a 4 hour road trip, with her gun, to kill a man who she felt had said mean things about her online. Fortunately, she was picked-up before she could hurt anyone.

Here's the original story.

I don't have such a lenient policy as she does. You piss me off, and I'm leaving my kids at your house.

Thank you, Tabby, for sending this in.


Dani said...

Oh gosh, and she's from my home state. Figures.

Moose said...

That's no threat, Doc, I worked with scientists with Ph.D.s for over 10 yrs. Your kids would be a dream by comparison.

(people think Ph.D. means 'piled higher and deeper' but it really stands for "Permanant Head Damage".)

The Mother said...

I'll take your three and raise you four of mine.

C said...

Your kids aren't that bad Dr. Grumpy, leave them some of your patients-that'll learn em.

Anonymous said...

My neighbor's kids and their friends are usually here, yours probably won't be noticeable in the herd.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I laughed so hard at your last sentence!

cjung said...

I'm really curious what topic spurred the nasty-gram postings and exactly what was said. While it could be something that naturally inspires strong passion like abortion or politics, god knows, it could be knitting.

I participate in some special interest forums related to the arts or animal behavior and I'm no longer surprised about how big ole flame wars will ignite over something really dumb. One of the biggest I remember was over what exactly is the color "teal." Turns out no two people agree. I don't care myself but it turns out some people really really really do care. A LOT.

Anonymous said...

cjung, you should have seen the incredible discussions about commas that used to develop into full-fledged flame wars on a copy editors list I once belonged to (in pre-forum days).

Faith said...

I live in Kansas City, and the news here was a bit more detailed about the situation.

He was posting pictures of her without her permission, and making comments about her looks, I think on Facebook (which is going to be the downfall of society as we know it, mark my words!). Still not a very good reason to get THAT pissed off, IMO, but it wasn't just because he was making comments on her blog.

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