Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

I'd like to thank my reader Linda for submitting this.

There are some things you never want to be stuck with.

Like finding out that you've been a habitat for SpongeBob Squarepants.

Or worse, that you're the one who left him there.


Jane said...

I particularly enjoy the tag line, "I was shocked." I don't know if the judge understands the punchline, but I laughed a little (despite the misstep).

CardioNP said...

Says he's suing a couple of radiologists. Guess they missed the radiopaque marker on the sponge?

The Mother said...

Once got a lap sponge as a specimen in the path lab. No history. Why would they give us history? It wasn't like it was a diagnostic challenge from our end.

Moose said...

Who lives in your tummy next to the feces?
Who causes you ouchies when you poop and you pee?

C said...

Moose, you are awesome. Thank you!

terri c said...

It is certainly possible for a hospital with an otherwise fine safety record to make two life-threatening errors involving the same patient in a single hospital stay. Constellations of unrelated events do occur.

Nonetheless it gives me the creeps.

GKK said...

@The Mother

Some species of marine sponges have lifespans of a couple hundred years. I suspect the lifespans of surgical sponges are not nearly so impressive, but either way, it would be a really boring history for somebody to take down.

Word verification: desquing. The act of removing a sponge.

Anonymous said...

Captcha? part o u! :-)

....and it wasn't even a teey, tiny little 2 by 2 or something. The sucket they left in this poor guy was big enough to use in a sewing project!

Pattie, RN

stacey said...

The radiologists may have missed it, but in there defense... It probably looked like poop.... The team who left it in...i.e. surgeon and nurse doing the sponge count, should be the focus here...different sponges have different types of markers and after 5 months... could have been digested...that patient should have been xrayed before he was off the table because the sponge count didn't match.

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