Thursday, September 9, 2010

Delay in game

I went up front to get a patient from the lobby.

Dr. Grumpy: "Mrs. Fourdown? Come on back to my office."

Mrs. Fourdown: "Oh dear. Can you take someone else ahead of me?"

Dr. Grumpy: "No, you're the only one here right now, and it's time for your appointment. Is something wrong?"

Mrs. Fourdown: "No, but I just started a crossword puzzle."


The Mother said...

Let's give Ms. Fourdown a hand for probably being your only patient with it enough to actually finish a Thursday puzzle.

And I hate being interrupted midst cruciverbalism, too. Messes up the stopwatch.

bobbie said...

As a X-word fanatic, I understand her complaint!!!

LOL ~ wv is "monstr"!

Bongi said...

suppose you could assume her cognitive powers are intact?

Erin said...

At least that's better than, "no, but I'm on the phone with my sister and we're talking about how her husband's brother's neighbor's dog walker's best friend had the worst episiotomy and how mine really wasn't that bad, but I had some terrible hemorrhoids and had to sit on an inflatable donut for a week."

Angela said...

LOL! offer to photocopy it for her!


Anonymous said...

serves u right for being on time.
most of us expect to wait at least 40 minutes past the alloted time.
what were u expecting?

C said...

I don't blame her. I would expect to be waiting also.

Charles said...

I'm not Ms Fourdown; but that complaint could be mine. I always show up a little early for doctor's and dentist's appointments and start to read one of their magazines; And then I get called in just when I am in the middle of an interesting article!

pharmacy chick said...

Pharmacy chick wait room:
"um, hello, are you waiting for a prescription" (unfamiliar face sitting in my chairs).

"Oh, No, I am just reading your magazines."

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we don't need to be so businesslike with patients who are apparently not so sick.
Maybe she made a joke; maybe you temporarily lost your sense of humor....and lived up to your name!

'You're the only one here right now' sounds a little bit like *cross words* to me!
Not so much of a *puzzle* after all? [Ugly MR day perhaps? ;-)]

WV: poutie ROTF!!

Anonymous said...

Now, if it were Dr. Happy, he'd find a way to code and bill watching her do the puzzle as a cognitive and mental status exam!!!

Pattie, RN

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Actually, she was the only one in the lobby. So it was obvious that there was no one else who I could take back.

I put "You're the only one here right now" into the post, to help you guys visualize the situation. It wasn't actually said.

Perhaps I should have just written that "the lobby was empty, except for her".

Anonymous said...

Just let her take the puzzle home.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

I did.

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