Sunday, September 26, 2010

Attention crooks!

Look, if you're trying to smuggle cocaine on an airplane, you take your chances. I think all of us have had our luggage lost at some point. So I suppose a bag with illegal drugs is as likely to go missing as one with my dirty laundry.

BUT, in the event that happens, you should probably take it as a loss. It is NOT going to help you to file a "lost luggage claim" on your case of contraband.

Like these guys.

I'd like to thank my reader Kayden for submitting this.


Grumpy Old CRA said...

So it appears the dealers in Cali rolled over on all their mules!! Just another group of candidates for the Darwin Awards and all the more reason the gene pool needs some bleach!

Diana said...

Stupidity knows no bounds.

The Mother said...

Hubby hilariously carried all my fabric purchases on board--because I'd be so sad if they got lost in checked luggage.

Sweet, no?

I am happy to report that all of our luggage arrived. On the same flight we did. JUST THREE FREAKING HOURS LATE.

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