Monday, September 27, 2010

More Medical Research

I'd like to thank my reader PMH for submitting this.

I think we've all played beer pong. I mean, what would college be without it?

And most of us, especially shitty players like me, can attest that you can get pretty damn drunk playing it. Definitely more so than other drinking activities, such as watching football or flying a commercial plane.

So you can ask pretty much any college student "Hey! Do you get really drunk when playing beer pong?" And the answer will be "Yes!".

Of course, walking around a college campus and asking such questions, or simply hanging out in a bar and taking notes, are way too simple for your average researcher. So instead the folks at one university had to create a simulated model of beer pong using computer software. Really.

What did they learn?

That playing beer pong leads to increased alcohol consumption. Shocker, huh?

Here's the article.


skidmark said...

I'm not willing to accept the results of a simulation as being absolute.

I say we conduct a real test to see if the results are reproducable. Then another one with wimmins involved. And another with us and wimmins. And then some more to see if age makes any difference.

Can't be reckless with our results, can we?

stay safe.

OMDG said...

Dr. G -- I think what's most remarkable about the article is that the first author has 33 publications on the same (or similar) topic.

Anonymous said...

At my daughter's college graduation, prestigious U in Boston, Deans List one of her buddies announced to her ever so proud parents--Allison is the best Beer Pong Player we've ever seen. More reason to be proud--but it doesn't stop there, as she offered to teach her younger brother the technique before he went off to college.

Unknown said...

"That drinking beer pong leads to increased alcohol consumption."

...and how many cups down was ol' PMH when he wrote that sentence??

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Ah shit, that was my fault. I fixed it.

I'm not drunk, I swear. I'm still seeing patients, so haven't started hard liquor, yet.

Warrior Mother said...

I can honestly say that at the ripe age of 42 I have never beer ponged, donged, longed or otherwise. My niece is dying to pop my beer pong virginity but with three kids ages 6,3 and 2 I think I'll pass. I know I can drink a bottle of wine without severe repurcussions so I think I'll just stick with what works for now :)

Mrs. Higrens said...

The students at one of the local colleges are (possibly) going to find out what college is like without beer pong thanks to a ban on beer pong tables added to the student handbook this fall.

Anonymous said...

"flying a commercial plane" LOL

Bardiac said...

There's a massive growth industry in college/university student services; alcohol awareness programs are a big part of the growth. Those folks need to do something to seem important enough to get more and more funding.

And at Auburn, it's your tax dollars at work! They're probably applying for government grants to start an alcohol awareness program right this moment, including at least three administrative positions. Apparently, academic services folks don't think students are aware of alcohol. /shrug

Anonymous said...

HA! I also thought the "flying a commercial plane" comment was hilarious! Good job!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet they could get another paper out of this, showing that beer pong promotes urinary output.

SarahRx said...

"Hey! Do you get really drunk when playing beer pong?"

I think the answer would actually be: "Yesh!"

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