Friday, June 4, 2010

Sitcom in my office

Mr. Patient: "Dr. Internist told me to see you about my arm pain. He also wanted me to mention that I'm having memory loss."

Dr. Grumpy: "Okay, let's start with the arm. How long has it been hurting you?"

Mr. Patient: "I don't remember."


The Good Cook said...

Dr. Grumpy: Okay. Let's start with that memory lose thing. Oh, you probably don't remember when that started either..

You have a tough job doctor.

Me, I just have people ask me if they like things... For instance:

Me: Today's special is sea bass.

Customer: Do I like sea bass?

Me: you need to go see Dr. Grumpy.

Ms. Happy said...

Today, retail pharmacy anytown USA:

Mrs Alzheimer: Hi, have you heard about the new alzheimer's drug? It's supposed to be better than Aricept.

Intern: No, I haven't. What's the name?

Mrs. Alzheimer: I don't remember... :-(

Fizzy said...

I am reminded of a clinic patient from residency. He no-showed 4 times and when he finally came, I was ready to scold him for the repeated no-shows. He stopped me: "But look at the reason I'm here."

Of course, his chief complaint was forgetfulness.

Anonymous said...

I think this is where I admit that once during a very bad migraine (I get really bad auras too) I called my neurologist because toradol wasn't workng (I'd just started taking it)...except I couldn't remember the name of the med to save me life. You know...that drug that you just gave me that starts with a T...I think...maybe it will come to me in a a minute...uh...yeah well I'm sure it's on my chart. Yeah...oh well...I still can't remember it. Sigh. Sorry about that. Good bye.

I'm pretty sure I probably sounded crazy, but I sometimes can't remember names when I have an aura. So I actually have sympathy for your patient.


Lyonheart said...

I saw this one coming and still splurted coffee. Not so funny for the patient, mind.

Anonymous said...


Kimbra Kasch said...


terri c said...

I like this. One question and you've gotten to both primary complaints! Good on the patient for remembering to tell you about the forgetfulness although I note that he only does so because the referring doc wanted him to mention it...

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