Friday, June 11, 2010

Minor difference.

I'd like to thank my reader Dr. Phil, for submitting this to show me that my office isn't alone.

Receptionist: "Dr. Phil's office. What can I do for you?"

Mr. Gloom: "I need to make an appointment."

Receptionist: "Okay... Is it to see the doctor? Or to have blood drawn?"

Mr. Gloom: "To draw blood. I need to have labs done before my autopsy."

Receptionist: (looking through the schedule) "Umm... You mean your biopsy?"

Mr. Gloom: "Yeah, whatever it's called."


Kimbra Kasch said...

Well with the 3rd season of True Blood starting this weekend, you might have been talking with Eric or vampire Bill

Anonymous said...

used to need a vdrl to get a marriage license....

bobbie said...


Hope his Doc knows the difference!

Anonymous said...

o ho ho ho....i bet some medical professionals would amuse, i dont know, say for the sake of argument, hoticulturalists at a garden centre too with their lack of "industry" language. horses for courses. these sorts of entries are SO patronising!

Christine said...

Scheduling a pre-op work up for an autopsy definitely calls for suicide precautions.

The Good Cook said...

Wow. A predeath autopsy. Takes the guess work out of "how did he die?"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh. I had my coffee perched at my lips ready to take a drink as I was reading this. I'm glad I hesitated-lol !!

yuxie said...

hey Grumpy, this is totally unrelated to your post, but anyway. I'm studying genetics right now, and I've come across a disease called Fragile X which causes mental retardation, and I started wondering, does this kind of stuff fall under your scope, or does it go to psychiatric or pediatrics or somebody else? tehee thx

Anonymous said...

Whoa, nelly!

Been there said...

My dad once did find one of his tenants had committed suicide in one of his rentals. :-(

He called the police and (trying to sound smart) told them it was a homicide. When the cops got there, they were like 'next time. just tell us you've got a dead guy here')

(My dad is quite intelligent in many things, just not academics or 'book learning')

Anonymous said...

Dr. Grumpy. I enjoy your blog. You are a great writer. I read Yuxie's comment and fragile x is nothing to laugh about.
We found out a few years ago that 2 of my 3 kids have a fragile x premutation.
They are intellegent kids, but could pass on fragile x to their children.
Having a fragile x premutation, means that my son could develop a tremor as early as 50.
My son, now 11, was diagnosed by a pediatrician a few years ago.
It may explain why he has speech problems and learing disablilites.
We do see a neurologist and a neurosurgeon, but it is for other symptoms. Still waiting for a diagnosis for those.
My 5 year old daughter wants only to be a mom when she grows up.
It breaks my heart every time she says that, because knowing she is a carrier, becoming a mom may not be so easy.
Certainly nothing to laugh about.

yuxie said...

my apology to the anonymous person at 11:42am

Anonymous said...

Follow up to Kim:
.....and gives a whole new meaning to the epithet 'death-wish'....LOL!

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