Monday, January 18, 2010

Another bright part of my day

Dr. Grumpy: "Do you still see Dr. Internist?"

Mr. Beeph: "Yeah, I'm due for my special exam."

Dr. Grumpy: "Special exam?"

Mr. Beeph: "You know, where he uh, puts his finger in the, um, hole I poop out of."


Big 'N Tasty RPH said...

It's like that episode of Family Guy where everyone is "finger raped" by the doc for a prostate exam then Peter actually has a prostate problem and no one will help him. Life really does imitate art, or is it life imitating art imitating life. Eh, it's still funny.

Gen said...

Oh dear...I wonder if he was embarassed to use the word 'anus' or 'rectum'. Some folks find the actual terms more distastful than the slang.

And sometimes doctors say things like that too. When my son was an infant, he had a suspected urinary infection. The doctor said he needed to put a tube in his "pee-hole". I was so embarassed for him and somewhat offended. What's wrong with urethra?! Maybe he was trying to be nice and not use the big medical lingo in front of us ignorant parents.

GB, RN said...

That IS special! I reserve such things for birthdays and bank holidays.

donna said...

OMDG!!! No words!

Doris said...

He's going for his "prostrate" exam?


Anonymous said...

Am I going to have to get you the Avodart Digital Rectal exam simulator model? It is SO much better than the light up pain receptor model u tried to use as a fishtank!

Word verification Shaninen... Too weird!

Earl said...

>Doris said...
>He's going for his "prostrate" >exam?

Yes, I also miss Det. Andy Sipowicz from NYPD Blue. I wonder if his "prostrate" is better?

Moose said...

I used to work for someone who developed one of those long-term hard to get rid of prostate infections. I heard about a managers meeting that he missed not long after it got bad:

Older Married Good Catholic Lady Secretary: Where's (my boss)?

Random Other Manger: He'll be out this week. He's sick.

OMGCLS: Oh no! What's wrong?

ROM: He's got a prostate infection.

OMGCLS: Oh. (pause) What's a prostate?

Then came the attempts to explain.

Jen said...

omg this literally had me laughing out loud. cheers for being one of the bright parts of my day.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, grow up, sir!

I got called to my sons' school when they were little guys to make sure they hadn't been molested or exposed to porn because they both called a penis a "penis" and asked to be excused to have a "B.M.". Even before I became a nurse we called a spade a spade, and not a portable personal entrenching tool.

Pattie, RN

ERP said...

Are you sure the "internist" was doing the exam with a finger?

Anonymous said...


I've always been fond of the term "manually operated soil inversion device", myself.


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