Saturday, May 10, 2014

Walking in New York


Packer said...

Meat Packing District reference brings back fond memories of attending night school and commuting back to the Jersey side late at night. No stopping at the red lights then, too dicey, it was just slow and go. It is all changed now.

cliffintokyo said...

Stu Varney sure is one of the (very) common people, despite his cute (fake?) British accent! Guess he had this coming, Doodies!

a.generic doc said...

Are fans of Dr. Grumpy recognizing you from your blog photo and coming up to you to shake your hand and ask neuro questions?

RehabRN said...

OMG! Grumpy will you be on the streets of NY soon?

I hope you can teach them how to ride a bus! If you need help, let me know..years of experience here!

(Sorry for the sarcasm...the mental images are hysterical).

Would make a great hidden camera segment though...out among the unwashed.

Sevoflurane said...

doesn't work in Canada =(

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