Monday, May 12, 2014

Overheard in the living room

Craig: "Did the girls have a sex ed lecture today?"

Marie: "Yeah, in the classroom at the back of the library."

Craig: "We were in the cafeteria classroom. Ours showed all these disgusting pictures of sex diseases."

Marie: "Yeah, the nurse made us look at those. They were gross. One thing looked like a vagina with an eyeball on one side."

Craig: "We had this one picture. I thought it was, like, a really burned and infected tongue, but then Mr. Cooper said it was a diseased penis. It was so gross. Jacob Myers ran outside and threw up in the grass."

Marie: "Was that near the back door of the cafeteria?"

Craig: "Yeah, why?"

Marie: "The nurse stepped in it when we were going back to our classrooms, and began swearing."

Craig: "That's gross, too."

Marie: "Her shoe was all covered with barf."

Craig: "Yuck."

Marie: "Cindy put a picture of it on FaceBook."


Officer Cynical said...

"A vagina with an eyeball on one side." Hey, I think I dated her when I was in the Marine Corps!

Anonymous said...

Well done school nurse, well done.

Ms. Donna said...

Yep. Doctor and nurse's kids.

They could see as bad or worse by sneaking into the parental textbooks.

Anonymous said...

Actually, as an MLS (medical laboratory scientist) I fully plan on showing my children pictures like this in about 5th grade. And I have some really nasty ones from school. Should reinforce the no sex until you're 30 idea...

The Patient Doc said...

I went to a private Christian school all the way through high school, so I never had sex ed. You can imagine what college was like for me.

Stephanie said...

For all of the fuss about kids getting sex ed in school, it sounds as if your kids were more impressed by the teacher stepping in vomit.

Ms. Donna said...

Welk , unless you produced it, stepped in it OR have to cean it, vomit is cool. (To a certain age group)

Shawna said...

Is it bad that I really wanna see all the pictures in question? Especially the one that induced vomiting, but I'm curious about the vagina with an eyeball, too.

The Condign Gentleman said...

Isn't Facebook SUPPOSED to be all about posting photos of food?

Anonymous said...

They were gross in med school too.

WL Emery said...


Man, that's rich!

I wish I could write fiction that's half this good.

Packer said...

The internet has destroyed sex ed and with it the most fun day of middle school ever.

But at least Jacob Myers will know why he chooses celibacy.

RehabRN said...

Aww! I'm still waiting for Bubba to have the "you're growing up" video my cousin told me they show (to boys and girls separately) in RehabLand Elementary.

I guess he spoiled the surprise when he brought (and showed it to all his friends) the AMA boys book at school earlier this year.

No eyeballs but illustrated pubic hair.

Betty from NJ said...

another much needed laugh.

your kids are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Mom showed me those pictures when I was 12. The next day at school I punched a boy because he tried to hold my hand. Lol

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