Friday, May 2, 2014

Overheard in ER

Dr. Urgent: "What brings you to ER today?"

Mr. Couth: "I got a big, huge, ball of shit in my ass and it fucking hurts."

Attention medical students: we at Dr. Grumpy, Inc., will not be held responsible for your grades if you use the above quote when presenting a case to your attending.


Amy said...

Makes the perfect Subjective

Packer said...

Oh, I thought this was an ad for Medical School.

or St. Elsewhere.

Officer Cynical said...

At least it's in his ass.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, his first name is "Un"?

EDNurseasauras said...

Saving lives, one disimpaction at a time

Anonymous said...

You can't really dust for shit.

RehabRN said...

C'mon down! I can help you with that! (as I wave the finger in the air).

You may not like it though, if you have sensation.

Pulled a softball (literally that size) out of a bariatric patient once.

He/she didn't like it either, but the one lubed finger worked wonders. Popped it right out (and I thought it was going to put a hole in the bedside commode.)

Ginger Scarlatti said...

I'm a medical coder and I actually had a nursing student write this on the treatment forms:

"Procedure: I&D of large infected boil on ass."

Needless to say, I couldn't code that. I'd also get fired if I sent it through for billing.

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