Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hey, it's for a good cause

Previously I've featured such tasteful fundraisers as:

The Alzheimer's Association "Night to Remember" ball


A Parkinson's support group's "Shaken, not Stirred" happy hour.

Now, thanks to a reader submission, I've found:

Thank you, M!


Luther Billis, USN said...

Bloody Mary is the girl I love!

The Seasick Mermaid said...

Avoid the Crohn's & Colitis fundraiser. I hear it's really shitty.

Anonymous said...

I'd totally go to the Parkinson's one.

The Cynic said...

Here in Peoria we have the "Shake Rattle and Roll" Parkinson's Awareness event.

Also there's the Alzheimer's Memory Walk. Makes me cringe every time I see the posters.

Anonymous said...

Too vivid, lurid. No, thanks, I'll pass on this one. I have enough trouble when someone just wants to draw my blood, never mind give it in huge quantities messily.

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