Friday, April 18, 2014


Mrs. Diopter: "My husband sees things now."

Dr. Grumpy: "When did he start hallucinating?"

Mrs. Diopter: "Oh, not that. He just got new glasses."


Slug Liquamen said...

"So now I need to do something about my penis before he catches on....oh, wait, you're a neurologist and not a urologist?"

Anonymous said...

She left herself wide-open for possible misinterpretation with that statement, didn't she? When 'seeing things' in the context of actual objects is mentioned, I think of 'floaters'. The posterior detached vitreous I experienced a couple years ago comes to mind. Wikipedia so smartly mentions "People with myopia (nearsightedness) greater than 6 diopters are at higher risk of PVD at all ages" so even though women and elderly women at that are at greater risk, the fact that I wear coke bottle glass to see is of greater significance to this somewhat benign condition (so far--fingers crossed). Nevertheless, the sight of a 'snarl of hair at the bathtub drain' swinging across my vision has only taken a year or so for me to become accustomed. Nevertheless they're there, despite whatever anyone else can't see.

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