Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Great headlines

"Quick, Phil, get a headline ready that we can edit to use regardless of who wins."

p.s. The picture is also from the wrong game.


Packer said...

Feels good to win the billion with my perfect bracket. Thank goodness KY came through for me.

Nurse Lilly said...

Yeah, Packer, KY always comes through for me, too.

ndenunz said...

The dumbing down of America.

Anonymous said...

In other news, "Panda Eats, Shoots and Leaves"

Journalism has evolved...into what, I don't know, but nonsensical would be my first thought.

Ms. Donna said...

OK, this was a doozy of a mistake. Let me explain how it happened. (I was not there, so this is an educated guess) The sports dep't would be on a tight deadline to put out the results so they "dummied" the page, inserting fake text and a fake photo to hold the space. This is done in news outlets all the time. This way, the page editor or designer can "flow" the CORRECT copy into the right spaces. The rest of the page or site can be built as normal. Somehow, someway, this one got out to the public. I can tell you that this NEARLY happened several times to me, even though I would keep "Dummy" pages in a separate file and use "lorem Ipsum" (nonsense) type for unfilled text boxes.

Of course, Grumpy thinks it is funny (it is) because doctors NEVER make mistakes, do they

Anonymous said...

It's 2012 somewhere.

Mrs J said...

I honestly cannot tell if you are being humorous and agreeing with grumpy or if the Dr's Never make mistakes remark is a slam against grumpy, I'm just curious because Dr Grumpy pokes as much fun at himself, I have not ever got the vibe from him that he thinks he can do no wrong. =)

Ms. Donna said...

Mrs. J -- humor and sarcasm mode was on full-blast.

I have met MDs who think being a doctor means "never wrong." As the daughter of an old-fashioned RN, (a profession Grumpy makes no bones about loving) I have heard horror stories.

As someone with a couple of serious medical issues, I have had mistakes (not really bad ones) happen because the MD was too busy, too distracted, etc. to realize what was wrong. The REALLY GOOD ones admit to the error and we go on.

A shout-out to the pharmacists out there -- one spotted a bad drug interaction coming with a new script. She told me it would be a while longer, and As I was sitting in the wait area, I saw her get on the phone, call the Drs. office and presto-changeo, I had a new drug prescribed.

I asked my doc about it when I saw him a few weeks later. He was upfront and said that what he prescribed would have had a reaction with an established med.

I take a lot of medication, so this is not surprising.

To quote Shakespeare, "All's Well," etc. and I am glad I have concerned professionals who own up to errors rather than the "What medical school do YOU go to?" type.

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