Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weekend reruns

From 2009:

Today ended with me doing a telephone and internet conference with 15 other neurologists across the country to review data on a drug that's in development.

The meeting took place after we were all home. So you'd hear the occasional sounds of home life. A kid yelling, a dog barking, somebody laughing in the background, etc.

Usually these things go fairly smoothly. Tonight's, however, had 2 noteworthy interruptions:

Interruption #1:

The "click" of a receiver being picked up, and suddenly a young female voice cuts off the moderator:

Young female: "Daddy! My boyfriend is supposed to call tonight! Why are you on the phone?"

Neurologist X: "Britney! Get off the phone NOW! I'm in a meeting!"

Young female: "Daddy! This isn't just any boy! This is TREVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!" (click)

Interruption #2

The moderator was asking a few questions. He was interrupted when a neurologist with a New York accent apparently had an interruption at home, and loudly said:

"What? Tell him to fuck off! I'm on the phone!"


RehabRN said...

Ah, the fun of teleconferences.

At least, no one went to their practice's hold music (or infomercial) which happens all the time on the ones I attend at work.

Anonymous said...

when did you first write this post? i am sure interruption #1 won't happen any more, every kid has their own cell phone now.

Ms. Donna said...

No, Anonymous, some houses, like my mothers, still have land lines.

Sad but true.,

Thanks, Grumpy for giving me a smile. ALL parents go through this in one form or another. Makes you wonder how the species continues . . .

Anonymous said...

Lots of people, despite the incredible expense, have BOTH land lines and cell phones.

Has no one in neurology ever heard of the MUTE button? It works wonders to avoid said incidents and any resulting embarrassment.

Loren Pechtel said...

A mute button would do no good for interruption #1. As for interruption #2, I rather suspect he *THOUGHT* he pressed it.

The Patient Doc said...

This is hilarious! I love it when I'm on the phone with someone, and the toilet flushes in the background.

Steeny Lou said...


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