Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pop quiz!

Time for another contest, class:

These gadgets were in an MRI-supply catalog that (for unknown reasons) showed up at my office. So let's forget I told you that.

Take out your #2 pencils, and try to come up with some creative answers as to what they might be. I've already started you off with three ideas. 

These items are:

A. The latest in BDSM equipment.

B. Props from the next Hannibal Lecter movie.

C. Um... stuff used in a new Olympic sport? From, uh, that country over on that other continent?


Anonymous said...

1: Headbrace, to keep your head still.
2: Leg/armbrace, to keep your leg or arm elevated.
3: Shoulderbrace. To annoy the crap out of you while you have to lie perfectly still.

Titan Mk6B said...

I'm not sure but I think I saw them on one of Ron Popiel's infomercials.

ladydyani said...

1. Hannibal Lecter's new mask.
2. Technically advanced Chinese finger trap.
3. Doc's thinking cap.

Loki said...

1. Water fountain guard - to prevent unauthorized use.

2. Locking toilet paper dispenser.

3. Handheld urinal with convenient drainage line.

Anonymous said...

They are all accessories to Lady Gaga's newest outfit.

Sara said...

1. The newest least protective football helmet
2. A leftover part from attempting to reassemble your home computer
3. A hat you can plug in to your spouse and they can then actually read your mind.

Silja said...

1. Frame for growing trailing plans such as beans
2. Napkin ring
3. Bike helmet

Jennifer McDonald said...

1. New style of racecar helmet. Cooler in the heat of the track!
2. Burrito stand. Confusing, because it's actually sitting on its side.
3. Chair modification that compensates for pressure points. When you move it moves so you're more comfortable during the day. Size appears misleading. Computer attachment connected to application that measures body composition; will act as weight-loss (or gain) aide should the owner wish.

Do I win a prize?

Roy said...

1 - That appears to be either a head brace for precision imaging of the head, or an older style head coil for doing specialized brain imaging. The thumb screw pads are for immobilizing the head.

2 - This is an extremity coil. It's used for imaging the joints of the knee, elbow, wrist etc.

2 - This is a shoulder coil. It's used for imaging the shoulder.

Jono said...

1. Digital thinking cap.
2. Male enhancement device.
3. Mini holographic projector.

Anonymous said...

1) head locker
2) cock ring
3) dunno

Anonymous said...


Whelk Lad! said...

On the left: a new helmet for Imperial Storm Troopers that allows them to actually see what they're shooting at, in hopes of improving their notoriously poor aim.

In the middle: why should only guys be able to easily pee outdoors? With this new portable toilet, women can join in the fun as well!

On the right: nobody will be able to tell that you're actually wearing a toupee! Well, okay, maybe they will...

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, those were the three exact parts I had left over after I assembled my "Gnøggbøggln" fainting couch from IKEA.

Steeny Lou said...

What are the approximate sizes of these items? I can't tell if they are miniature, pocket size, or roughly the size of a terlit.

lbparker said...

These are the latest in protection technology for people concerned about the government mind control rays.

Tinfoil hats are so last century, dude.

Anonymous said...

A. Skeleton of teddy bears Miley was gyrating near

B. What Robin Thick used as a Don't Get THAT Close to me Miley device

C. Device Miley practiced twerking at

Charles said...

Hey, You've been playing with the toys in my dungeon again, haven't you?

Anonymous said...

If large enough, the first one could be a great cat condo (of sorts).

Alleycat said...

All 3 are props from the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey movie.

Mal said...

1 Earlier prototype of 3.

2 iPurity - purity ring for catholic males - wirelessly alerts your priest to every unsanctioned-by-holy-matrimony erection.

3 downloads your brain into a computer to back up your memories, personality, and thoughts in case of traumatic brain injury or untimely death. The new, space saving, energy efficient alternative to cryogenics. One DNA sample, and regular brain back-ups will ensure that you can live again (just as soon as human cloning is perfected, and if the ethical implications are disregarded).

Anonymous said...

1. new wall fixture for lighting the office. missing the lightbulb

2. engagement ring... where is the rock?

3. hair dryer

shaydee_11 said...

1- Recovered alien cerebral probing device, found on Moon.

2- Electric erection deterrent with optional wireless reporting to agency of your choice.

3- Spousal memory extractor, specially marketed toward those with a history of infidelity.

Anonymous said...

1. Fencing helmet

2. Not a fencing helmet

3. Also not a fencing helmet

Anonymous said...

1 High-tech, baseball-repelling mask for home plate umpires.

2. What Loki said.

3. High-tech "chinstrap" for CPAP masks. Uses super-sticky gel for skin. Guaranteed to keep your mouth closed. Not guaranteed to let you open it the next morning, though.

Michael Randolph said...

Devolution of the NFL helmet

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