Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mary's desk

Mary: "Okay, so we'll see you next Tuesday at 8:15. Any questions?"

Mr. Letter: "I know your office complex pretty well, but where are you in relationship to the 1st floor post office?"

Mary: "There isn't a post office in our building."

Mr. Letter: "Yes there is. I was just in it last month to mail a package. It's on the west side of the first floor."

Mary: "Sir, I assure you, this is a medical building. There isn't a post office anywhere in here."

Mr. Letter: "They must have closed it. It's across from the elevator. How could you not see it?"

Mary: "We've been in this building for over 10 years, sir. There's no post office here. The nearest one is about 4 miles away."


Mr. Letter: "Are you sure Dr. Grumpy isn't in the building with the post office?"

Mary: "Yes sir. Do you want me to give you our address? You can see a map on our website..."

Mr. Letter: "Why don't you just cancel the appointment. I need to buy stamps and send a package to my cousin, so I'll just try to find a neurologist closer to a post office."


Fresh Off My Hook said...

Mary needs a raise.

bluetoothbuddha said...

One of these days, Mary'll go postal, I tell ya.

Patti Cadwallader said...

Gee.....glad the guy didn't go all postal on you. Sheesh! Is everybody who sees a neurologist a nut case?

GunDiva said...

If Mary's going to go postal, maybe it's best that you're not in a building with a post office. Less temptation, you know?

Whelk Lad! said...

"It's nothing personal, but my cousin needs a brain that's as fresh as possible for the project he's working on, and every minute that it takes me to get from the neurologist to the post office counts."

Anonymous said...

And these people are all around you driving two ton instruments of mass destruction.

And they don't even know they're stoopid.

Mycroft said...

So is there a trash chute across from the elevator in your building?

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