Saturday, April 7, 2012

Driving safety quiz

Which of the following is a bad idea:

A. Driving while texting.

B. Driving with a kid in an unsecured child seat

C. Driving while talking on your phone.

D. Driving without wearing a seatbelt.

E. Driving on a suspended license.

F. Driving with an infant on your lap.

G. Driving with an older kid who isn't wearing a seatbelt.

H. Doing all of the above at the same freakin' time!

Thank you, David!


Andrew_M_Garland said...

All of those activities increase risk.

In her defense, it may be a good thing to concentrate them all into one car, and then to avoid that one car.

The vast majority of drivers would then be safer.

Officer Cynical said...

Hey, she wasn't drunk, so what's the problem?

Unknown said...

Shouldn't the radio have been blasting too?

Anonymous said...

That article made me laugh so hard I almost ran my car off the road.

Debbie said...

So, what does one call a female jerk? A jerkette??

M said...

What's a good idea? Visiting your children in protective custody.

Roy said...

How does one talk and text at the same time. Two phones?

eyewant2bemd said...

Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

If she can multitask that well, I want to hire her!

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