Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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Yes, the product you've all been waiting for: Now a starving vegan can eat her own purse, and not feel guilty about it!

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It's made from "animal-friendly faux leather" (i.e. PLASTIC).

By this standard cell phones, pens, and credit cards are now part of a well-balanced non-animal-product diet.

I should also note that anything called "Sacs of Life" brings a different kind of bag to mind.

Thank you, Kim!


Old MD Girl said...

"Sacs of Life"


Anonymous said...

It's not about EATING them. Most vegans (and many vegetarians) are such because they don't want to be involved in the killing of animals. That includes the killing of animals for leather products, not just for food.

Jenn said...

Because we have so much petroleum product to manufacture this stuff!

Do they sell it as 'virgin' petroleum? Only the best, straight from the refinery?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you guys, but I've never been inclined to eat a purse, even before I was vegan. So, am I missing the joke here? What is so funny? ("Sacs of Life" is funny, I'll give you that, but who said anything about eating this purse?) I shouldn't have to point this out, but vegan does NOT necessarily equal edible.

Ellen said...

Lighten up. It's a joke. I don't think anyone is actually planning on eating a purse (although some of Dr. G's patients might try).

Anonymous said...

But is it artisanal?

23 Skidoo said...

What part of
Hunter-Gatherer do the vegans not get?
What else would you put in the bag of life other than your kill?
Bwah ah ah, evil grin, indeed!


23 Skidoo said...

If they are so "animal friendly", why the spotted/leopard print shirt?

Anonymous said...

... Personally I wouldn't eat a *cough* "sac of life" either ... does that make it vegan as well XD.

23 Skidoo: It's not like it's made of leopard fur :P. That would be a truly terrible material for a shirt. Waaay too heavy.

Rachel said...

I received that in my email box today but did they show you the Artisanal Olive Oil that was advertised under the vegan bag??? I was going to send it to you but figured you had already recieved it from someone else!

bobbie said...

That's "artisanal petroleum"...

SMHDVM said...

I think that if people knew exactly how many of the things that they use daily come from animals, they might think it is better to eat them as well as use them for things like airplane brakes.

SMHDVM said...

And did anyone read the subtitle "In a nut shell?"

Andy Syms said...

@SMHDVM: Knowing Groupon that was probably intentional. :-)

Anonymous said...

Of course, petroleum comes from dead animals, too...


Anonymous said...

Dammit ... not available in Canada!

Jenn said...

Thank you Paxillated!

So it does. So it does!

TabbyKat said...

really? hunter? gatherer? when was the last time you hunted and gathered anything?

Dana Seilhan said...

TabbyKat: There are still human beings hunting and gathering. If civilization collapsed tomorrow, we'd all be doing it at that point.

Try again, sunshine.

Anonymous #1(?): Better quit eating altogether then. It's impossible for you to eat ANYTHING without killing an animal. If you eat crops, you kill *lots* of animals. I only need to kill one cow for a hamburger. How many rodents' and insects' blood is on your hands?

And wow. Petroleum. SO eco-friendly... and of course, no animals were harmed in the making of the latest oil spill.

Not to mention all the *people* killed by PVC factories. What? People aren't animals now? New one on me.

TabbyKat said...

@ dana---are YOU one of the hunter/gatherers? you can try again i'm sure, sunshine.

Robin said...

Dear Dana Seilhan,

before you criticize something, inform yourself what you are speaking about.

Firstly the bags are made from Polyester, not PVC. Because PVC is highly problematic.

So you really worry about the use of petroleum?

What do you wear, out of what do you drink, do you have plastic bags, plastic containers, plastic wraps or synthetic yarn clothes on synthetic cloth hangers in your home?

Do you recycle? If not than you are a hypocrite to criticize people who buy a bag that will last years while you, high likely, don´t give a damn about the plastic bottle, bags and other knick knack you dump.

About killing animals.

And what is your cow feed before you eat it?

Ever thought about that the cow needs a ton of food and converts only 10% of the food it eats into eadible mass?

It may amaze you, but cows are generally feed 10 pounds of grains to produce 1 pound of beef, not to count the grass and other stuff they are feed.

Do you think the cow eats air and no insects and rodents are killed by growing food for a cow?

So what might kill more animals? Growing grains to feed the cow and getting only a tenth of what you put in, or eating directly what grew on the fields?

Beeing vegan means minimizing your impact on the environment.

I means not beeing Jesus and hoovering over the ground and not breathing to not accidentally kill an insect.

What vegans want to minimize is the purposefully, needlessly killing.

robin said...

Part two for Dana Seilhan

And yes, people are animals,you are correct.
So do you care about people?
Do you care that 60% of all produced grains are feed to farm animals and that half of the farm animal feed is imported from countries where people starve?

The agrar moguls there make more money in selling the grains as farm animal feed to the first world countries instead of selling it for less to the poor people.

We could feed everyone on this planet if we ate 10% less meat...because that would set free so much grain that no one would need to starve to death.

Did you know that a broiler chicken needs as much food per day as a grown up human male?

And chicken are mostly feed grains, the same eadible stuff humans eat.

So ask yourself what is more efficient to feed the world.

Feeding a 4 pound broiler for 6 weeks before slaughter or using that food the chicken normally eats to feed a person every day for a month?

Last point about the hunter/gatherer thing.

So do you think there is enough animal based food on this planet to feed 7 billion people if not factory farmed, breed in hatcherys by the millions and cramped in cages?

Bcause naturally chicken make a nest twice a year with 12 eggs and hatch them, in a hatchery there are hatched thousands of chicks and raised with petrol powered warmth and light.

Sows normally also do not birth 12 piglets 2-3 times a year..you need a factory farm for that with automatized light, warmth, fresh air and artificial insemination, something that does not happen if society collapses.

No, sorry to shatter your dream, what happens first when a society collaps like it happened during WW1 and WW2, is the following...

People can no longer feed precious grains to farm animals and need to eat those themselves, farm animals are killed and eaten first because you can not substain them any longer.

People will grow eadible plants on the smallest patches of fertile soil to feed themselves.

On the land that is needed to grow food for one cow, 12 people can grow grains/potatoes/legumes to feed themselves.

Now ask yourself, what do you think will most likely happen?

There are not enough wild animals to feed the meat appetite of modern society.

Robin said...

Part three for Dana Seilhan

To be fair, when society collaps most likely because of some factory farm breed super bag, half of the population may die off or even more, like with the pest or the spanish flu...than enough wild animals could procrastinate ..but than you also had to catch and kill them..and kill too many and the population collaps and you don´t have anymore to shot later

But hey, that is only hypothetic...so let us stay real

Farm animals eat 60% of the world wide harvested grains, 90% of the soy and use 12 times more land to grow hay for them than growing vegetables for human consumption.

They also need 70% of the antibiotics that are produced and use up a big ammount of the petrol.

Because those factory farms, hatchery and other institutions need to be powered.

Also most herbicides, insecticides and fertilizers are made with petrol as are the machines that plant, harvest the food and also are used to transport, kill, chop and package the animals.

So hypothetically speaken, if society breaks down and they can not substain factory farms any longer and 90% of the population dies off and we are back in the stone age..

...so yeah..ok..than it doesn´t matter any longer if you are vegan or not, than humans can´t really do any harm any longer when they have to forage for food all day instead of building bombs so to speak

But in our society, there is no hunter/gatherer...so we shouldn´t act like neanderthales and instead act like modern people who care for their environment.

P.S. I use cotton made bags..still kills some insects and rodents and birds to be fair, but better than a petrol made bag.

..and like Dana said with the PVC factory...in the cotton factory also workers may be killed by the machines, but not on purpose..accidents happen..unfortunately.

P.P.S Making leather needs a massammount of toxic chemicals.
Most cheap leather for shoes, bags and jackets is made in poor countries where child workers have to work with the chemicals without proper safety gear and the chemicals are dumped unfiltered in the water or on the ground.

Something to think about the next time you decide if you really need that leather item.

150 years ago you could still cook and eat the leather if neccessary...today the leather will lay around for some centuries uncomposted because the chemicals prevent that...and it would also make you severly ill to try to eat that

Anonymous said...

@Dana Seilhan Hey, smarty mcsmartpants, nice try on the "I only eat one cow, you kill more animals than me!" but no. What do you think cows and chickens and pigs eat? If you answer grass and bugs and mushrooms, you'd be wrong. They eat fortified foods made from soy, corn, and other plants (and materials, often other dead animals), hay, and rarely, grass and pastured plants. In fact, the majority of soy is fed to farmed animals. That hay they're fed? Where do you think it comes from? For the *VERY FEW* numbers of "grass fed" cows, how do you think those nice green, planted pastures came to be, and come to be again every year?

How many animals do you think die to feed a cow? Here's a hint: It takes around 80 pounds of food a day, for 3-6 years, to fatten up a cow for feeding.

So. Try again, sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Where do you guys come up with these numbers?? 80 lbs of food a day for a cow? And a chicken eating as much as a full grown man? Um. . . no. Maybe in commercial raising they force feed them that much. But I have raised both chickens and cows and I gave a dozen chickens about 3 lbs. of feed, meaning about 1/4 lb. each. They roamed, too, but I don't think they were finding that much extra. And my cows got maybe 30 lbs altogether of hay, greens, and grains. Not a small amount, but not 80 either.

Anonymous said...

I propose a better food chain: the vegans eat the plants, and the omnivores eat the vegans. wee!

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