Friday, March 30, 2012

Dear Local Pharmacy,

Thanks for your recent refill request on Ms. Andrews. I've signed and faxed it back.

I'm used to seeing notes on these things (usually mixed with the patients' names) as reminders to your staff. I've seen "John Smith - Always double count pills" and "Lisa - give her dog a treat - Jones" and "hearing impaired - Michael Harris."

And I'm aware it's important that your tech know if a patient should have a childproof cap, or one that's easy to pop off.

But it just doesn't sound good when I get a request for a lady named "Suzy 'Easy Opening' Andrews."

Thank you,

Ibee Grumpy, M.D.


Sal Paradise said...


Anonymous said...

And how, pray tell, does she pay for her drugs?

Mockingbird said...

I'd like to meet Suzy. I know I can help her.

pharmacy chick said...

LOL, not sure thats the best way to place the notes! the only thing we put in the name field is name and ( if needed )species...Jones, Patty the dog....if indeed patty is a canine. Otherwise the name field is exclusively the NAME only. We have a confidential field for any and all comments including those not necessarily suitable for viewing!

Anonymous said...

probably referring to that she has difficulty opening some containers and need pills to be put into larger containers, easier to open.

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