Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Radiology 101

The aside: a good reason to turn off the microphone when dictating.

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Thank you, Gary (who claims his partner did this- yeah, sure)!


Anonymous said...

I love the "asides" from doctors, although most I do leave out. Such as "What the hell is this kid's name?? He's got three first names!!" What is more interesting though is when they don't realize they are recording. Oh my!

MadMT said...

My FAVE forgot they were recording incident was an ER doctor getting into an argument with his wife. She was yelling at him about his choice of internet surfing (can you say porn??) and he fired back about her thinking nothing of spending over $300.00 on dinner out. This went on for about 20 minutes. LOL!

hilarsilhouette said...

I used to transcribe for a doctor that would fall asleep during dictation! No joke..
He would begin slurring his words, then silence, followed by heavy breathing and snoring.
It drove me nuts!

littlekitteh said...

I've spent the past month on a radiology elective and this happens all the time! Today I was trying to not laugh as the attending had forgotten the mic was on and the resident was deleting all the extra text from the report as fast as he was speaking. Some funny transcriptions (luckily caught before signing the reports: lumbago-->lump a girl, osteoarthritis-->osteo-Kenya (???), findings-->funnies

Slave to ungrateful lawyers said...

Nothing is worse than lawyers who:
- Dictate in the bathtub
- Dictate with a mouthful of food
- Dictate and fart

Sigh. And they wonder why I am getting out of this business!!

Anonymous said...

I worked for an attorney (now a judge) who came out of the bathroom and thought he was going to drop his tape in my hand. Yeah...not going to happen.

the golddigger said...

One of my college professors told a story that he claimed was true about Joyce dictating "Finnegan's Wake" (which for the longest time - I never read it - I thought was about waterskiing).

Joyce was dictating to his secretary. Someone knocked on the door. Joyce says, "Come in" or whatever.

Later, when the secretary read back the text, he included the "Come in." Joyce asked, "What's that?"

Then he said, "Leave it in!"

Modern literature. Sheesh.

Barefootmeds said...

I start radiology tomorrow... hopefully then I'll know why this is bad/funny :P

Anonymous said...

Aaaand, this is why I don't dictate. Since the EMR at my hospital lets me type my own notes, I do so.

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