Friday, May 6, 2011

Crime fighting apps

Okay, crooks, when planning to rob a place, it is generally NOT a good idea to accidentally call the cops so they can listen to you make plans.

Like these guys.

Thank you, Sarah!


Anonymous said...

My phone pocket dials 911 with embarrassing frequency. Like, at least once a week, sometimes multiple times in a day. The genius who designed the thing made it so that when the lock is on (so that you have to enter a passcode to turn the phone on), there's still an "emergency" button that can be pressed without the correct code. Unfortunately this emergency button is freaking huge and seems to be in the perfect position to get hit ALL THE TIME, no matter where I put the phone.

I don't know why they didn't make it so you hit the emergency button and THEN dial 911 manually. Instead, hitting it automatically dials 911.

I have to have a passcode on my phone for work reasons, so there's really no solution, barring getting a new phone. I even tried putting the phone in a case, which felt very 1995... Still pocket dialed 911.

I guess I better just keep myself on the straight-and-narrow...

Laura said...

Gah! We are Central New York! NOT Upstate! the whole goddamn state does not revolve around the stupid city making everything that isn't the city "upstate" *pet peeve*

Also.. loved reading that in the newspaper the other day :) hilarious... unsurprisingly, the three suspects were related...

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