Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Mr. Radic: "Do you think my symptoms are coming from my heart?"

Dr. Grumpy: "No."

Mr. Radic: "Good. I've seen 3 cardiologists for it, and they didn't think so, either."


OMDG said...

No, but they may be coming from your brain. Does that work better for you?

Mr Mobius said...

Nice to know your opinion is respected in fields you may have not experienced since a Medical student.

If only all patients thought the same for your opinion in Neurology.

It's a case of 'the woman down the road told me to rub this leaf on me, so I've stopped your treatment and doing that' effect, where people seem to rather believe people with less experience over those with more.

a.generic doc said...

Her internist, gastroenterologist and podiatrist didn't think so either. But if she keeps asking, someone will tell her it is a heart problem!

webhill said...

ah, the infamous case of mine is "what brings you here with Fluffy today?" "well, the last seven vets couldn't find out what's wrong with him but I've heard great things about you, doctor!" Of course there was nothing wrong with the dog. Psych consult!

Packer said...

Patients should learn the proper question: What do you think it is Doctor ?

Never go in saying Do you think it is ________?

Make them sweat.

kate sweeten said...

We had a lady come in yesterday who claims that she's seen a whole slew of "quack doctors" who don't know what they're talking about...and after going through her records, they discovered that she had been seen here before by, like, three of our doctors. Well, guess what, lady? They didn't find anything wrong with you then and those quacks probably won't this time, either!

watercolordaisy said...

Oh, I don't know. I had one of those instances once. Had symptoms that had all the docs stumped. It just felt like it was coming from somewhere totally unrelated so I timidly asked if it could be... all heads in the room snapped to me with that "look" of STFU then several got the look of "well, maybe..." and voila I was right!! Sometimes I in my body know how it feels better than the symptoms dictate. Sometimes, not. haha.

Anonymous said...

What does her mechanic say? How about the pool guy?

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