Sunday, June 7, 2009

Like Hell I Will!

I stopped for gas on the way to the hospital this morning. While filling up, I noticed this sign on the pump:

"If a fire starts while you are pumping gas, please press the 'call attendant' button and wait for further instructions".

I'm sorry, but if a fire starts while I'm pumping gas, I'm going to be running away too fast to call the attendant. They may hear me screaming, though, in lieu of the "call attendant" button.


Jill said...

I've often thought it was a dumb thing to call the attendant. I agree with you cause I would be out of there, post haste!

peedee said...

Did ya ever notice they dont answer anyway??? Every time my credit card messes up or I prepay and they "forget" to turn the pump on, I push that "call attendant" button and absolutely nothing happens. Pisses me off. I'd imagine I'll be a crispy critter before they ever answer.

Bo... said...

How funny! (Like the attendant EVER answers those call buttons, heh!)

Nancy said...

Running away is the only option!

I always look for the emergency stop button on the building when I pull up. You know, just in case. ;-)

Anonymous said...

If a fire starts while pumping gas, I'm gonna run like a turpentined cat (y'all under 40 prolly don't know what that means...) and then call my insurance agent.

Anonymous said...

A different sign I noticed while filling up my car was about safety at the gas pump. What got me was the ending message that said "If you cannot understand this sign or cannot read english, please go see the attendent" and all that was written in english and no other language. Talk about stupidity.

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