Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Life with the Grumpy Dogs

My dogs smelled so bad tonight that I had to give them a bath.

So I tossed stinky Cooper in the tub, and while I was fighting to rinse him off, stinkier Snowball wandered in to see what I was doing to his partner. My son Frank came in behind Snowball.

As soon as Snowball realized a bath was coming (which can take a bit, he's kinda slow) he started growling and backed out of the room. I told Frank to grab Snowball's collar, and to NOT let go of it under penalty of death. So he held on tight, while Snowball twisted and fought and tried to get away.

I turned back to the tub, dried off Cooper, and then turned around to grab Snowball.

Frank was standing there, tightly holding Snowball's broken collar. Snowball was nowhere to be seen.


Lipstick said...

LOL!! Too cute!

Unknown said...

Bath wars. I know them well.

My two labs will jump in the pool and swim in the ocean with full abandon. Trying to get them OUT is like trying to get a 5 year old out of the pool at the end of the day.

But break out a hose and the bottle of shampoo...forget it. Gone.

GingerJar said...

I have one weiner that will run hid, you have to drag her out of the kennel, but the second she is in the tub she sits under the facet like a demented bipolar b*tch! Then there is one that is like your's slow...until he smells shampoo. He's really old, deaf and blind, so it's the scent of shampoo that makes him run out the doggie door and hide under my truck.

Anonymous said...

Love our Doberman. He's huge, like 145 pounds, huge. But he's a big fat baby who loves water in any form. He is too big for the tub, so we put him on the porch with the hose. He sits patiently and loves the scrub down and the towel dry. I wish this breed wouldn't get such a bad rap. They are one of the most friendly, loyal and protective breeds out there.

Unknown said...

"Protective" being the operative word anon. You never know when they are going to protect when they are not supposed to be protecting. Bad rap?? Maybe, but earned in my opinion.

I've never owned a dog for protection. Guess I'm lucky.

ER's Mom said...

I'm impressed your kid obeyed!

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Oh, did he ever. He may still be holding half the collar for all I know.

The Bus Driver said...

well you did tell him not to let go of the collar under penalty of death.. you didnt mention anything about the dog.. in the collar lolol

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the poor dogs like dobermans/pitbulls/rotweilers etc. They get a bad rep because usually the sorts of people that buy them, get them because of their tough guy reputation, and train them to be that way, so its a self perpetuating stereotype. One of my collegues has a doberman and he is lovely, he is so cuddly and friendly and has never shown any signs of aggressive behaviour.

jamiegirl said...

Great visual...and got me laughing. Thanks...for a good start to a full moon weekend and lucky for me my cats don't have to be bathed.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of one of the famous family phrases: "Shoot the dog" which was a major syntax error on my part.

Story goes I was called for an appointment for mutay and it was one of those 390 dollar trips to the vet that comes once every harvest moon.

Between the vet and my mother calling to remind me, well I did not forget.

So after all was said and done and payed I was called by said mum and was asked if I took the dog to the vet.

Now this is one of those I meant to say vs what I said, bear that in mind. Meant to say "I took the dog in to get her shots" but what I actually said was "I took the dog in and got her shot" to the stunned silence on the other end of the phone, followed by the needy dog "BARK!!" on my end.

It went something like: "OMG! WTF? Wait, was that the dog that just barked?"
Yes, why?
I thought you had the dog put down?
You just said you had the dog shot?
I did?
(dog: murrrr---ruuuuF! Bark!)
YES! you did!
Huh, I meant to say I took her in and got her her shots...oops. I'm tired, sorry.

Now the family lexicon for bath, heartworm and flea/tick meds = shoot the dog for some reason.

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