Monday, July 12, 2021

Job Training

The staff and Dr. Pissy were having lunch the other day, when I made the mistake of wandering up front to use the copy machine. As I copied away, a new marketing rep I hadn't seen before wandered in and zeroed in on the only person she could see - me.

Marketing lady: "HI! I'm Annie Oying! I'm here on behalf of Dr. Bonescrew's new orthopedic office on this side of Grumpyville, right across the street."

She takes a pile of business cards and insurance forms out of her bag and sets them on the counter.

Dr. Grumpy: "Thank you."

Marketing Lady: "It's great to have a chance to introduce myself to you! Are you a secretary, medical assistant, provider, or something else here?"

I should have used my stock line that I'm the guy who cleans the fish tank, but I was focusing on figuring out where a paper jam was.

Dr. Grumpy: "I'm, a, uh provider, I guess."

Marketing Lady: "That's wonderful! It's a pleasure to meet you, uh..." She steps back, opens the office door, and reads the names on it. "Dr. Grumpy or Pissy!"


Ms. Donna said...

What? The drug reps and such don't have at least your med school grad pix? Or something more recent, culled form Whathospital website?

Anonymous said...

That would've required some initiative. But yeah, at very least she could've read the sign on the door and asked Dr G if Grumpy or Pissy were in. Not an easy gig though. I feel sorry for her

Shash said...

Annie Oying! Fabulous name. I may just call someone by that "error" in the future.

jbt369 said...

"So, what do you do here?"

"I don't work here. I'm from the Sheriff's office. There was a mass murder here, and I think there's evidence in the second copy paper tray. Could you move a little to the left? I think you're standing in some of the blood spots."

evodevo said...


Anonymous said...

Smile and tell them you are with IT. Best way to be ignored forever.

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