Monday, July 26, 2021

Weekend on call

Dr. Grumpy: "Hi, I'm Dr. Grumpy. What's going on here?"

Mrs. Nine-Iron: "Well, we were on the 15th hole when suddenly she had trouble walking and couldn't talk anymore."

Mrs. Sand-Trap looks at her friend, then me, and nods her head.

Dr. Grumpy: "Then what happened?"

Mrs. Putter: "I helped her get back to the golf cart. Fortunately, this one had seat belts, so we were able to use that to hold her in it. Otherwise she might have fallen out."

Dr. Grumpy: "Is that when you called 911?"

Mrs. Nine-Iron: "No, we waited until we finished up and got back to the club house. I mean, we were on the 15th hole, anyway, at that point."

Mrs. Top-Flite: "And it's not like they were going to refund our green fees."


John Woolman said...

Not so “FAST”!

Anonymous said...

How many strokes did it take them to finish the next 3 holes?

gloria p said...

...and we may have stopped in the clubhouse for a gin'n'tonic or two.

Packer said...

Foursome from hell, I hope they played through and I hope you did not hurt yourself shaking your head and face palming

Packer said...

May we play through, we are in a bit of a rush

evodevo said... eyes rolled so hard they fell out in the floor....

CatCube said...

Did they count that as a stroke for Mrs. Sand-Trap?

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