Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Annie: "Dr. Grumpy's office, this is Annie."

Mr. Antz: "Hi, I just got a letter from the state saying I need a form to keep my driving privileges? My last seizure was 4 years ago!"

Annie: "Yeah, sometimes they do that randomly. Just come in for an appointment within the next 30 days and we'll get it taken care of. Let me transfer you to Mary to work you in..."

Mr. Antz: "Um, actually I've moved out of state since I was last there. Can you suggest any neurologists here in Bayonne?"

Annie: "No. Have you asked your family doctor for a referral?"

Mr. Antz: "I don't have one. Do you know one here? Or can you call any and get me in ASAP, and for them to waive my co-pay? It's higher if I'm out of state."

Annie: "We can't do that, even if I did know someone."

Mr. Antz: "Okay. I'll be back in Grumpyville next week, anyway."


Packer said...

Bayonne is in NJ, I can attest that it doesn't make a difference all drivers in NJ drive like they are having a seizure, only state worse is Maryland between Delaware and DC, then again there is Connecticut.............

bobbie said...

Time for a raise for Annie ~

Anonymous said...

Well, if there are lots of seized drivers in NJ or MD or even CT, then, my attestation is that drivers from some of those states on arrival in AK, must be thinking 'mania', not epilepsy, 'cause I recall how petrified we nieces were careening with aunt and uncle when they drove up to Anchorage from Boston on their honeymoon. ('Please, don't take the Glenn Highway at 60 mph!' 'Kindly be aware of falling rock!' 'Drive Slow in Moose Territory', or 'Watch out for Bear Gawkers')

But, seriously, driving one summer with a newly licensed teen from the midwest to the eastern seaboard, as the parent, I found a lot of very friendly and helpful folks when yelling out the window where 'where's Times Square' or 'how to get to Harvard' at a stoplight. One driver in Boston even offered to drive ahead 'follow me' to show us the street to turn off. (But, am suspicious people recognized the Indiana plates and decided to humor themselves--sometimes, it pays to be so unenlightened.)

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is, whenever I travel to Anchorage, I find relief from the Juneau drivers. I have never seen so many militant adherents to the speed limit in the left lane. One-way streets also pose significant problems. I guess that's what you get with < 100 miles of road.

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