Monday, September 25, 2017

Random pictures

Okay, time to hit the mailbag for pics you guys have sent in:

First we have this brand of tea:

"Hey, it's cheaper than Viagra."

One stop shopping:

"Earrings, some nice pumps, get the tumor checked out..."

More one stop shopping:

Apparently death is now one of many "things to do"

And, while we're on the subject of death, here's a great headline:

One reader sent in this badly translated set of directions from a desk clock:

And, finally, there's the name of this yoga place. It make me think the instructor is in a leather dominatrix outfit, carrying a whip.


Anonymous said...

re: clock instructions. A former coworker's hobby was collecting instructions in "Engrish."

stacey said...

I love

Anonymous said...

And that's why you should never pay technical manual writers by the word.

Anonymous said...

"The world's sexiest Eminem cover band!"

Anonymous said...

Just make sure to buy the jewelry AFTER the MRI.

Anonymous said...

"Tonight on Iron Chef, the three secret ingredients are..."

Anonymous said...

"I picked up the local free entertainment weekly, and I turned to the 'Things to Do' section, and then I turned to the current movie listings. And then I turned back to the 'Things to Do' section."

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to make out how to set my gifted time-piece I received two years ago for working ten years at the same place. I went online to see if there were other clock/radio/timer bluetooth devices, I could use for better translated similar directions to no avail (the products were all rated 5 stars out of 5, but no one actually said they were used as intended for their advertised purpose).

I tried it without the directions.I asked my tech savvy son to help. Once he found the 'on' switch, the 'off' switch was elusive. I asked my spouse whose ESL translating skills presumably might provide hint of the words in a similar word order. No go. Even he is confused. Plus, I'm sure there is something missing. I use it to keep the cats amused at while I'm at work. It blinks incessantly with a blue light. I aim it toward the back of bedroom closet.

Packer said...

The down dog split is Es and Em normally.

A. Marie said...

Re: clock instructions: I just finished editing a book on the geography of China, by four Chinese authors. Granted, their English is a lot better than my Chinese. But I'm still leaving it to your lively imaginations.

And in general: Dr. Grumpy's mailbag does a lot better job of clearing my sinuses than any OTC product out there. Folks with chronic ENT issues take note.

BrainiaxMD said...

"Hornimans" tea! Hahahahaha! :P

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